Move Over Surfers, the Paddle Board Is Here to Take Over!

One of the most enjoyable water sports to try on holiday is surfing. It’s fun, it’s easy to learn and there are very few accidents that can happen as a result of it. It doesn’t take long to get started and with so many instructors around at these holiday locations, you’re going to feel more than welcome into their surfing communities. However, surfing has one major flaw that people don’t seem to realize: it needs waves.

One of the most disappointing holiday experiences you could have is visiting a country that has a reputation for surfing, only to find out that you came during the wrong season. It’s an honest mistake that a lot of people make, and it’s not like your holiday has suddenly been wasted. But going to Hawaii for surfing and only being able to party and walk around is a bit disappointing.

This is why paddle boarding has become such a popular alternative that can be done almost anywhere with a body of water, and we’ve written this article to help convince you to try this alternate water sport.

What makes paddle boarding so enjoyable?

Here are just some of the advantages of paddle boarding:

  • It doesn’t require waves which means you can do it almost anywhere that has a body of water – it doesn’t need to be by the sea or during a specific season.
  • It’s easier than surfing, making it accessible and fun for almost anyone that wants to get in the water and have some fun with their friends.
  • But can still offer adrenaline pumping fun, making it suitable for just about anyone, be it children, adults and seniors
  • It’s a fast-growing water sport because so many people are realizing just how enjoyable and accessible paddle boarding is. With growing communities such as popping up, it’s easy to find more information about this wonderful water sport.
  • It’s more relaxing than surfing that gives it a serene feeling. There’s no adrenaline rush and there’s no shouting – it’s just you and the water.

But what if I’m a surfer?

If you’re a surfer, then you probably see stand up paddle boarding as a lame alternative for people who don’t want to brave the waves. They get in the way of your surfing, they’re slow and they look a lot less fun than your trusty surfboard. But if you wake a minute to read this fantastic article at and consider switching over to the other side, you’ll find the paddle boarding has some unique things to offer even for a veteran surfer:

  • It’s a low impact water sport, meaning you can do it alongside surging and have fun even while you’re injured and not feeling up for the waves.
  • It’s a fun way to help you improve surfing because there are some key skills that make a good paddle boarder. It’s all about balance and remaining stable in the water, which is something that all surfers need to develop.
  • You can keep fit with it because it’s a great workout that you can indulge in when the waves are low or when the weather doesn’t agree with you.
  • You don’t need to travel to enjoy it, which means you spend less money overall on surfing trips to wild destinations and huge waves.

Paddle boarding also serves as a great entry-level water sports for people that want to learn surfing in the future or just get in the water to have fun.

So whether you’re new to water sports of you’re an experienced surfer looking for something new, give paddle boarding a try – you won’t regret it!

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