Indoor Sports to Explore With Your Friends

It might be summer now, but that’s no excuse not to try some indoor sports. Depending on where you live, indoor sports could actually be more beneficial to you than just outdoor sports. For instance, if it rains regularly where you are then it could create nasty conditions to play in, and the fields might be full of people sunbathing and relaxing, so the last thing you want to do is hit someone with a ball or accidentally injure a bystander. Indoor sports offer a safer and controlled environment, and there’s almost no chance that someone will kick a ball or throw something so far that it gets lost.

But indoor sports alone isn’t as fun as with friends, so here are a couple of ideas that you can get involved in together with a group of friends.

Indoor Soccer

If you’ve ever played soccer, then you’ll know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to chase a ball down when someone kicks it too far. With indoor soccer, that problem no longer exists but you may want to invest in some of the best indoor soccer shoes that you can afford. The floor is a lot different to just grass, so you’ll need some proper shoes with good traction in order to play well. If played properly, indoor soccer is usually a five-a-side affair which means if you have a decently sized group, you can play a full game together. The rules are slightly different to accommodate the reduced team size, but it’s ultimately still a fun game that doesn’t require a lot of people to enjoy.

Snooker or Pool

Want something a little less demanding? Then how about a game of snooker or pool? Also known as billiards in some parts of the world, this is a much more delicate sport that requires precise control over your cue and ball. It’s usually a one-on-one game, but it’s great with friends because most places have several snooker tables so multiple games can go on at once, and it’s a very fun spectator sport especially if you’re playing together in a group.


If tennis is a little too much effort for you, then perhaps the fast-paced nature of squash will be more to your liking. It gives you a fantastic workout, there isn’t much equipment that you need to invest in, and it’s a lot of fun in groups. Although competitions are usually one-on-one, games can be over very quickly and it’s a lot of fun to watch. You and your friends can take turns in a winner stays on format if you want to see who’s the champion among you.


Although boxing among friends can get a little rough and rowdy, there’s nothing quite like it. MMA might have the various styles, but boxing is a pure contact sport that has become a global phenomenon due to the amount of strategy, stamina and skill you need to succeed. Training together with friends is a fantastic way to get fit and build strength, and sparring together can be a lot of fun.

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