Top 5 Summer Sports To Get Involved In

Perhaps you are a fitness newbie, or maybe you are an active gym-goer who can’t seem to make it off of the treadmill or out of the weights room. Either way, If you want to get fit this summer and make the most of the sun and it’s probably all-too-limited time with us before Autumn arrives, then get out of the gym, splash on some sunscreen and consider going for the following sports, and who knows, you might even get a tan.

Ranging from different levels of difficulty, most of the following sports can be tailored to your knowledge and experience, meaning that anyone can take part, from absolute beginners all the way to professional athletes.


There’s nothing quite like going outdoors and enjoying the benefits of the sun as you put away the miles on a bike. Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that also uses muscular resistance in your legs as well as your arms as you grip the handlebars. The great thing about cycling is that it can be a group training activity or you can get on your bike and take yourself away on a solo ride. Almost everywhere is connected to cycle routes and you can plan long or shorter trips depending on where you want to go, and the time constraints that you may have. Many fitness apps and gadgets on the market will track your progress, from the top of the range fitness bands which you will have to pay for, all the way to free fitness apps such as Strava, which is used by both beginners and professionals all around the world. The great thing about this app is that you can plan routes, track your progress and compare yourself to other people who have used the same route as you. If you want to have fun cycling and make sure you are properly equipped for your ride, kit yourself out with a cool jersey that makes you stand out from the crowd. Take a look at the jerseys on and get inspired by their bold vintage creations.


One of the most popular, if not the most popular, form of cardiovascular activity is running. Enjoyed by children, teens and pensioners alike, this is a sport that spans all age ranges for a good reason, as most of us will need to use the power of our legs to get us someplace as quickly as possible at some point in our life. Keeping up with your cardiovascular health all year round is important for long term health. However, many of us may limit our running to the confines of a gym. STOP! Get off of the treadmill, and onto an outside track or trail and breathe in some fresh air. Try signing up for a marathon or park run near you to motivate yourself to get out regularly. Do make sure you invest in a good pair of running shoes, however, to avoid any heavy impact associated joint problems.


Low on impact, great for your overall fitness, and very refreshing in the hot summer months, swimming is one of the sports that you should be doing right now. You might want to look around for an outdoor pool in your area, as you will get the benefits of the sun upon your body, which along with the cool water will be as close to being on a beach or in the sea that you might get without going on vacation! The significant health benefits of swimming are backed up by many professionals and scientific studies. For example, did you know that swimming is the best all over exercise to tone your entire body while raising your heart rate? This is a great sport to try if you are not comfortable starting off with other forms of cardiovascular activities as this is gentle on the body and low-impact, with the water you immerse yourself in acting as a support for your body and carrying much of the weight for you.


Combine the best of being in the water with an intense upper body and core workout by surfing. You’ll almost certainly have to go to a sea to take part in this activity, as surfing requires waves to, well, surf. Engaging with watersports is a fun way to make you forget that you are burning hundreds of calories and engaging in an intense workout. Surfing can also contribute to your overall wellbeing and mental health as it is one of the best sports to ground you and give you the laid back attitude that is associated with many surfers. The fact that you are out in an ocean, riding waves and so utterly surrounded by the sea means that you will almost certainly relax, de-stress and learn to be present as a result of this sport.

You can choose to take surfing classes while you are on holiday, as a way to keep the pounds off while still treating yourself to summer cocktails.


Strawberries and cream anyone? Wimbledon may be a key sign that summer has arrived, and while watching tennis is an exciting part of summer, getting onto the court and practicing your forearm is a much more practical and beneficial way to celebrate the tennis season. Better than the thrill of watching tennis, is playing this sport. Get your competitive side out and find a partner to play against, or consider joining up in a couple and playing doubles! Tennis tests both your body and mental agility, which can help with your focus and act as a great de-stresser. If it has been a while since you have whipped out your racket, take a couple of lessons to get back into the swing of things, or practice with a friend or partner who also wants to get back into this sport. This is a very social sport, so consider joining a club or tennis association to join other enthusiasts even if you a beginner!

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