5 Sports That Are Perfect For Trying This Summer

Summer months give us some of the best conditions to be outside and enjoy some fresh air. What’s more, it is easier to get out and about and get your heart pumping with some outdoor sports when the weather is warm and dry. And with school being out for weeks on end in summer, there tends to be a lot of sports programs that are available to try. So if you’re looking to try something new over the next few weeks, then here are some sports that will be perfect to try.


Combining being outdoors with water is one of the best things about summer. And one sport that you might never have tried before is kayaking. You don’t have to have a lake nearby either; there are plenty of opportunities in other locations. Some lessons might even just start in a large swimming pool. It is a great upper body workout, as well as working your cardio.


If you’re looking to try something that doesn’t need a lot of new equipment, then longboarding could be for you. Longboards tend to have larger wheels that skateboards, so they are often the better choice for beginners as they’re more stable. The angles that longboards can turn at also make them a better choice for being out on sidewalks, so work better for commuting or being on normal roads, rather than a skatepark. So they are an option that is less specialized and more accessible for all.


The tennis season is in full swing in the summer. With the likes of the Wimbledon tournament happening in a number of weeks, it is the perfect time to try tennis for the first time. You could just get a racket and a ball and try it yourself. But it would be much more fun playing against others. So look for some local tennis clubs that will allow you to pay as you go. Tennis is a great overall workout that can be a little trickier than it looks.


You might not have played much softball since you were in elementary school, but it is a fun sport that is perfect for summer. Most parks will have a pitch that you can use; it is just a case of having enough people to have two teams. So it could be a fun sport at a family reunion, for example, or even a work summer party.


Running can often get forgotten about as it is not always considered a sport. But if you’re looking to get fit or lose some weight and you don’t want to spend a lot, then running is a great option for you. If you’re very much a beginner, you could download the Couch To 5K app to give you some guidance as to how much you should run each day. It is a pretty good training program to help get you into shape and break you into running gently. Have you ever heard of it before?

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