Don’t Watch it Do It: Transform Sports Into Workouts

Weight_lifting_black_and_whiteIt’s a big year for sport. With some great fixtures spanning a whole variety of disciplines, there’s never been a better time to be a sports fan. Turns out, more and more of us are getting into sports as a form of exercise. We’re starting to shun the gym in favor for a more interactive and social workout. So whether football is your thing or you’re more of a swimmer, here are some of the most unique and grueling sporting fixtures of the year to get some exercise inspiration for your workouts…

European Weightlifting Championships – 1st-9th April

The Sport:

This annual event has been taking place since 1896 and this year it’s Croatia’s turn to host. Weightlifting is one of the biggest tests of strength and form. Until quite recently it was viewed as a way to build impressive muscle. Lots of women were turned off. However, there is now more and more proof that implementing weight training into your regime will help with weight loss, strength, and overall fitness.

The Workout:

Start off small and build up gradually. It’s a common mistake to try and use too much weight too soon. It’s important to focus on form too, so starting off with lower than your ability will allow you to perfect your form as you go. It’s easy to get injuries if you bite off more than you can chew! You don’t need to list weights fast wither, lift in a slow and controlled manner to get the best benefits. Rest for about 90 seconds between sets. Bicep curls, shoulder presses, and rope attachments are all a good way to incorporate weight training into your regime.

ISA World StandUp Paddle and Paddleboard Championship – 1st-10th September


The Sport:

The Hawaiians have been doing it for years as a form of fitness, but the rest of the world is only just catching up with paddleboarding. Now the sport of the trendy millennial, paddleboarding is a great combination of a strenuous workout, beautiful locations, and tranquility. Not easy to achieve in one sport! In terms of fitness, Stand up paddle boarding is great for improving balance. It also strengthens the core and improves abs.

The Workout:

Yoga and stretching are a great way to improve your balance. Implement some gentle low-impact stretches and poses into your exercise regime to improve your balance. Over time you will see that your stability improves and your body should appear increasingly toned and flexible. Crunches are an obvious way to improve your core, but paddleboarding is far more fun! Just Paddleboard’s SUP reviews tell you everything you need to know about buying your first board.

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