Awesome Benefits Of Playing More Golf

golfawesomeGolf is one of the sports that you are either into or not – but there are some compelling reasons why everyone should be hitting the course on a regular basis. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of starting and playing more golf – and hopefully, we’ll persuade you to take some time out and start making waves on the fairway.

Physical fitness

There’s a lot of walking involved in golf, of course – as long as you avoid cheating and using the golf trucks that are becoming a more common sight on the nation’s courses. And it’s great for keeping you fit and giving you a healthy dose of fresh air But according to, there is more physical exercise involved in golf than you might think. Every swing uses your arms, legs, back and abdomen, and when you consider how many times you smash a ball over 18 holes, it’s clear that golf isn’t just a relaxing stroll in the park.

Weight loss

Weight loss experts recommend a minimum of a half hour’s walk every day. But with golf, you get to exceed that by a considerable amount. The average 18-hole course is a 5-6 mile walk, meaning you get to burn off a hell of a lot of calories every session – even more if it’s a hilly course. And the great thing about golf is that you will barely notice it – unlike in cycling, for example –  and the fun involved in between walks is what will keep you going no matter how old or young you are.


Golf is a sport where you are pretty much guaranteed incremental improvement. And that makes it a great game for building self-esteem and confidence. A little help with your swing and technique can speed things up, of course, and according to, you can even get help with judging your range. But, ultimately, the more you get out there, the better at golf you become – hence why it is such a well-renowned activity in self-improvement circles.

Professional development

Golf isn’t just great for building yourself up – it’s also great for your career. Playing a round with a boss, a client, or potential suppliers can all bring fantastic improvements to your job and business prospects. Most people will have heard the old saying that more business deals are stuck n the golf course than anywhere else – and it rings true.


Despite the fact you are up on your feet and being active for a few hours at a time, golf is an incredibly relaxing sport. Being out on the green helps you reduce your stress levels and has a positive impact on your work-life balance. Plus, of course, all that activity means that you will keep those endorphins flowing in your brain, and keep you feeling reenergized and enthusiastic about life in general.


Golf is there for everyone, whether you are a 4-year old learner or a 94-year old learner. No other sport matches its inclusivity, and it doesn’t matter what background you are from, how fit you are, or what your experience is. The handicap system means you can play against anyone, and the clubhouse environment is welcoming and sociable. In short – what else do you need to know? Golf is a fantastic game that can improve your life immeasurably – so why not get yourself down to your local course shortly?

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