Super Bowl 51 – Betting Picks Against Spread & Prop Bets

Super_Bowl_51_LI_Logo_0I LOVE prop bets. I actually get more joy out of betting Super Bowl prop bets than betting against the spread. Yes, most are a crap shoot, but with the right research, you can end up winning bets with very favorable odds.

I’m not saying you can research who will win the coin toss, but there are many other player and team prop bets out there that have nice odds.

Some prop bets aren’t worth the money (the vig isn’t worth the slight risk), but sometimes you just have to lay a few bucks down, cross your fingers and wish for the best.

I picked out some of the most popular (and the most absurd) prop bets for Super Bowl 51. We also pick the game against the spread.

Let me know if you’re betting any of these props. Good luck!

How Long Will Luke Bryan’s National Anthem Last?

Over 127.5 Seconds
Under 127.5 Seconds

I usually always go with the under. Nerves get the performer and they usually rush through it. This line is only a few seconds shorter than Lady Gaga last year. I think the under is a smart bet.

Prediction: UNDER


How Many Viewers in Millions Will Watch Super Bowl XLIX?

Over 116.5 Million Viewers
Under 116.5 Million Viewers

The last two Super Bowls were two of the most-watched Super Bowls in history. New England will get eyeballs on this game, but I don’t know if the ‘once-a-year football watcher’ knows anything about the Falcons to care. I have to go with the slight under.

Prediction: UNDER

What Color Gatorade Will be Dumped on the Winning Head Coach?

Orange (+280)
Clear/Water (+300)
Yellow (+225)
Red (+400)
Blue (+400)
Purple (+800)

I’m usually good at picking this prop bet. I think it’s a two-man race between red and blue. I’m putting jellybeans on blue.

Prediction: BLUE

Coin Toss?

Heads (-102)
Tails (-102)

I’m usually a Heads guy, but I switched it up and went with Tails last year. I’m going back to my usual bet and taking Heads this year.

Prediction: HEADS

Total Tweets by @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump Accounts on Super Bowl Sunday (Retweets do not count) – 12:00am to 11:59pm EST

– Over 7.5 (-130)
– Under 7.5 (-110)

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Washington right now and I think Donnie will have a lot to talk about, given the early Sunday political shows will be on early in the day.

Prediction: OVER

Will Lady Gaga Have a Wardrobe Malfunction (Expose Intimate Part of Body)

– Yes (+600)
– No (-1400)

I think there are better odds of Donald Trump tweeting out his resignation on Sunday than this happening.

Prediction: NO

Who Will the Super Bowl MVP Thank First?

– Coaches/Owner (+600)
– Does Not Thank Anyone (+275)
– Family (+400)
– Fans/City (+400)
– God (+225)
– President Donald Trump (+25000)
– Teammates (+130)

This one is a tough one. I think if you think the Pats will win, ‘teammates’ should win. If the Falcons win, I think ‘Fans/City’ might win since they haven’t ever won a Super Bowl. I think I’ll go with Fans/City.

Prediction: Fans/City

Super Bowl LI MVP Odds

– Tom Brady (-120)
– Matt Ryan (+180)
– Julio Jones (+1000)
– Devonta Freeman (+1500)
– Julian Edelman (+1500)
– LaGarrette Blount (+1800)
– Dion Lewis (+2000)
– Tevin Coleman (+3000)
– Vic Beasley Jr. (+3500)
– Chris Hogan (+4000)
– Mohamed Sanu (+4000)
– Logan Ryan (+5000)
– Martellus Bennett (+7000)
– Danny Amendola (+7500)
– Malcolm Butler (+7500)
– Stephen Gostkowski (+7500)
– Taylor Gabriel (+7500)
– Devin McCourty (+9000)
– Patrick Chung (+9000)
– James White (+10000)
– Malcolm Mitchell (+10000)
– Matt Bryant (+10000)
– Rob Ninkovich (+10000)
– Donta Hightower (+14000)
– Matt Lengel (+15000)
– Keanu Neal (+20000)
– Michael Floyd (+20000)
– Chris Long (+30000)

I think this game will be high-scoring, so I have to go with either of the quarterbacks. A long-shot that could hit could be a defensive back or linebacker, in case they intercept a couple passes. I’m not going to pick Brady because there isn’t enough juice, so I’ll take Matt Ryan.

Prediction: Matt Ryan

Total Points – Over/Under

– OVER 59 (-110)
– UNDER 59 (-110)

This should be a high-scoring game, so I have to go with my gut and take the OVER.

Prediction: OVER

Point Spread

– New England Patriots (-3)
– Atlanta Falcons (+3)

I had to temper my excitement to once again bet against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I had to calm down and do a lot of research. The Pats secondary will be tested and I don’t think they have the corners to match-up with WR Julio Jones. I have to take the points in this game.

Prediction: Atlanta Falcons (+3)

*These picks are for entertainment purposes

Sweetbob’s NFL picks against the spread record in previous seasons:
2013: 133-95-10
2014: 131-114-9
2015: 150-108-9
2016: 143-120-13

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