The Rams Should Start Jared Goff Now

Jared-Goff-Los-Angeles-Rams-NFL-Week-2The Los Angeles Rams looked horrible in their Week 1 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football.

The Rams started Case Keenum at quarterback, who looked overwhelmed for nearly the entire game. He threw 35 passes and only average 3.7 yards per attempt…he also threw two interceptions.

The Rams used the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft on quarterback Jared Goff, but he was third on the depth chart on Monday night, behind former Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion.

Head coach Jeff Fisher announced that he isn’t sure if Goff will be the backup or third-string this Sunday against the Seahawks.


Jared Goff needs to start now.

I understand teams want to handle their young quarterbacks with kid gloves, but do the Rams actually think they are title contenders this year? I surely hope not. The Eagles started #2 overall pick Carson Wentz last week and did better than expected. I realize he played the Cleveland Browns, but they are still an NFL team the last time I checked.

The Rams will play the Seahawks at least twice a year every season going forward. I think they are the perfect team to throw him to the wolves. Yes, he will throw a few interceptions, but it’s the home opener for the Rams. L.A. fans aren’t as cruel as fans from Philly, so the boo birds would not be heard.

I wouldn’t expect Goff to carry the offense right out of the gate. He would hand off to running back Todd Gurley and use short passes to move the ball against Seattle. It’s not going to look pretty, but guess what, the next time the Rams play the Seahawks this season, Goff will be better prepared.

If you’re a young offense, you never lose…they either win or ‘learn’. Jared Goff can’t learn while holding a clipboard.

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