Broken Matt Hardy May Have Just Saved ‘Impact Wrestling’

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna maxel funnyI know what you’re thinking, TNA is still relevant? Well, they haven’t been in quite some time. I’m a huge wrestling fan and I’m still guilty of just reading spoilers to avoid wasting two hours every week.

Something special has been happening on TNA’s “Impact Wrestling” over the last two months. It involves two wrestlers even casual wrestling fans are familiar with, The Hardy Boyz.

Before I explain what happened on last night’s episode of “Impact Wrestling”, I need to explain how this ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ storyline started.

Matt Hardy was the TNA Heavyweight champion earlier this year, but lost it in a match with Drew Galloway. He lost a rematch and he went to feud with his brother Jeff. They had an ‘I Quit’ match in which both were knocked out and Matt was taken to the hospital…this is when Matt Hardy became broken.

Matt Hardy re-appeared on an episode in early May as one of the impostor Williow characters that attacked his brother Jeff. He then emerged with a dyed white streak in his hair, a bad Shakespearean accent and calling Jeff by a version his middle name, ‘Brother Nero.’

Matt Hardy, who now refers to himself as ‘Broken Matt Hardy’ started recording vignettes at his house in Cameron, North Carolina. The vignettes were weird, out-of-the-box and foreshadowed the craziness yet to come from him. This is the video of the contract signing for when Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero faced each other at TNA’s “Slammiversary” pay-per-view.

Crazy, but by far the best thing that has aired on “Impact Wrestling” in years, right?

Well, Matt went on to lose a brutal match against Jeff at “Slammiversay”. You’d think the feud was finished, right? Nope…the best was yet to come.

On last night’s episode of “Impact Wrestling”, Broken Matt Hardy promised “The Final Deletion”. It was a 12-minute segment of the show recorded on his property. If you thought the video above was insane, “The Final Deletion” went above and beyond your expectations.

The video starts off at his son Maxel’s first birthday party. Yes, his one-year-old son also has the white streak in his hair.

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna maxel

Matt vowed to delete Brother Nero and he will leave the Hardy brand to his son. He then sent a wave of drones to attack Jeff’s house…and yes, a hologram of Matt appeared above one of the drones.

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna jeff hardy hologram

I told you this video was nuts. Well, Matt and Jeff have an outdoor wrestling match at the corner of his property.

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna outdoor match

You’re probably not expecting a traditional wrestling match at point. You got about five minutes of a typical Hardy Boyz match with finishers and near-finishes…then Matt brought out freaking fireworks!

final deletion broken matt hardy impact wrestling tna outdoor match fireworks

I won’t ruin the finish of this match for you. It’s something you’ll just need to watch for yourself.

Professional wrestling has gotten too serious. I love an awesome technical wrestling match or something with flippy wrestlers (see: Will Ospreay vs. Ricochet), but there’s a need for something that is just damn entertaining that doesn’t play by the rules…and “The Final Deletion” was just that.

TNA has been in bad times financially. They’ve recently sold off a portion of the company. Will they ever compete head-to-head with the WWE? No, but I like where this company is headed. They have let all the pricey contracts expire from the books over the last two years and have signed a lot of young talents. I would compare it more on the same level (or slightly above) as Ring of Honor at this point. They just needed to find a stable home like POP TV. The previous television deal with Destination America hurt them greatly.

TNA has improved overall viewers since their debut on POP TV. They have recently hovered around 325,000 viewers. I hope last night’s episode exceeds the 400k mark. We will find out very soon. It would be a step in the right direction.

I can’t wait for the next chapter in this Broken Matt Hardy saga.

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