San Diego Comic-Con’s WWE Mattel Exclusive: Shockmaster

shockmaster WCW mattel wwe elite sdccThe San Diego Comic-Con is the largest comic book and entertainment convention in the world. Movie studios, comic book titans and the top toy companies in the world unveil a lot of exclusives only available at the SDCC.

A few months ago, SDCC released a small flier showing the toy companies and brands that will have exclusives at this year’s convention. It listed the usual suspects like Funko, Marvel, DC, Ghostbusters and many others. I was shocked to find WWE on the flier since they haven’t had a SDCC exclusive since Rey Mysterio’s Funko or Mattel’s Ministry of Darkness Undertaker elite a few years ago.

Well, Mattel and Matty Collector spilled the beans a few weeks ago and announced that their exclusive is a Shockmaster elite!

If you’re unfamiliar with The Shockmaster, he only made a few appearances in World Championship Wrestling in 1993. The Shockmaster was portrayed by Fred Ottman, who was previously known as Tugboat or Typhoon in the WWF. WCW wanted to make a huge splash by unveiling the new character in a very over-the-top way. They wanted him to busted through a wall.

Well, as you can tell from the video below, things did not go as planned.

This moment is one of the most iconic moments in professional wrestling for all the wrong reasons.

Here are some other pictures of the SDCC exclusive Shockmaster figure.

Mattel-MattyCollector-SDCC-Exclusive-WWE-Elite-Figure-Shockmaster-3 Mattel-MattyCollector-SDCC-Exclusive-WWE-Elite-Figure-Shockmaster-6Mattel-MattyCollector-SDCC-Exclusive-WWE-Elite-Figure-Shockmaster-5

By the way, Ottman’s Tugboat character was just announced as being included in Mattel’s Elite series 44.

If you one of many who want this figure and won’t be in San Diego on the fourth weekend of July, you will be able to find this figure on sale at Matty Collector at some point after SDCC…and of course it can be found on the secondary market.

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2 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con’s WWE Mattel Exclusive: Shockmaster

  1. Randy

    I really wanted this figure but it was an exclusive. I was unaware of being able to get this on mattels site after. Do you know for sure or is it just speculation?

    1. Bobby Roberts Post author

      Hey Randy,

      It’s supposed to be available on the Matty Collector site (not the regular Mattel site) in the near future.

      I paid a little extra and was able to get one from a guy who went to the San Diego Comic-Con. I only paid about $10 more than what they would be on Matty Collector when you factor in shipping, so it wasn’t too bad.


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