Chris Bosh’s Season Might Be Over

Chris Bosh blood clots Miami Heat 2016Chris Bosh sat out NBA All-Star Weekend, but did travel to attend events in Toronto. He seemed in good spirits, but there must have been a cloud hanging over his head.

Bosh is officially listed as being out with a strained calf. There’s usually no red flag associated with such a minor injury. Well, there could be more to this injury.

The rumor coming out of All-Star Weekend is that Bosh is once again dealing with a very serious blood clot issue. It was almost exactly a year ago that doctors found blood clots in one of his lungs last season.

Bosh missed the remainder of the 2014-15 season. His season this year could as well be over if doctors find more blood clots in the power forward. Blood clots are serious and could have life-altering effects.

Bosh’s blood clots come at a very bad time for the Miami Heat. They are currently 29-24 and sit fifth in the Eastern Conference.

Miami could play smaller with Bosh out, but Amar’e Stoudemire would probably be the one to replace Bosh in the starting lineup. It’s risky since Stoudemire isn’t the safest bet to stay healthy himself. Josh McRoberts is also another option to fill Bosh’s spot. It will be difficult for the Heat to stay in the playoff race in the East without Bosh.

We wish Bosh the best and hope he gets the clot issue under control as they can be life-threatening.

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