Celebrities That Have Been Shown The Casino Door

Most celebrities are not only used to but expect to be able to do what they want, get what they want and go where they want. With so much money weighing them down coupled with a ‘don’t you know who I am?’ attitude in many cases, these celebrities often experience a short, sharp shock when they cannot get the world to pander to their every need, request and demand. However, despite their fame and fortune, celebrities do find themselves at the receiving end of a tongue lashing now and again and in some cases find that they are shown the door in some of their favourite hangouts such as casinos.

Over recent years, a number of high profile celebrities from sporting stars to socialites have found themselves either under close scrutiny or even being shown the door at casinos. Of course, these days it’s not the end of the world if you find yourself unable to get into a casino – most of us would simply look at alternatives such as using our tablets or smartphones to go on gaming sites like Sloto Cash where we would be able to enjoy a host of games without having to try and fight our way through the doors. However, for celebrities it is more about the shock of being told that they can’t do what they want, as a number of A-listers have discovered over recent years.

There are a number of well known celebrities that have had their problems when it comes to gaining access to casinos and for very different reasons. While some have been banned for their hell-raising ways and bad attitudes others have been banned by their own parents!

Some of the celebrities that have had to do the ‘walk of shame’ out of the casino include:

Allen Iverson: While he may be a treat to watch on the pitch, NBA player Allen Iverson is certainly not a treat to watch when he flies off the handle at casinos – which he does. In fact, he has found himself banned from pretty much all of the casinos in Detroit for causing havoc and even refusing to return thousands of dollars worth of chips.

Paris Hilton: Poor Paris Hilton doesn’t have much luck…well, other than being super-rich for doing little more than partying. However, even she had to put up with being evicted from a casino after she lost a car worth $175,000 in a poker game. The worst thing was, it was actually a Hilton owned casino that she was banned from.

Derren Brown: Known for his incredible card counting abilities, it is little wonder that Derren Brown is such a threat to casino owners and managers. This was proven when managers at a Birmingham casino escorted him from the premises due to fear that he would bring the casino to its knees.

This shows that while celebrities may think they can get away with anything, there are times when ever money can’t buy you what you want.

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