2015 Projected Major League Baseball Standings

funny mike trout los angeles angels season preview shirtless 2015 mlbWe finished every 2015 MLB team preview this season and now it’s time to show you a condensed version of our projected standings for the 2015 season.

MLB finally got the hint that opening the baseball season in places like Japan or Australia wasn’t the best idea, so this season they decided to nix that horrible idea. The first game of the year takes place April 5th at Wrigley Field when the Cardinals face the Cubs. The rest of the league will begin the following day.

Plenty of big names have changed teams this offseason (Matt Kemp, Jon Lester, Hanley Ramirez) and some big names are coming back from Tommy John surgery (Matt Harvey, Jose Fernandez). There’s plenty of reasons to tune into baseball this year.

The San Francisco Giants won the 2014 World Series. Can they win their fourth ring in six seasons?

*Wild Card Winner
** Wild Card tie

Toronto Blue Jays – 89-73
*Boston Red Sox – 88-74
*Baltimore Orioles – 87-75
New York Yankees – 81-81
Tampa Bay Rays – 74-88

Detroit Tigers – 91-71
Chicago White Sox – 84-78
Kansas City Royals – 81-81
Cleveland Indians – 79-83
Minnesota Twins – 72-90

Los Angeles Angels – 91-71
Seattle Mariners – 85-77
Texas Rangers – 83-79
Oakland A’s – 76-86
Houston Astros – 75-87

Washington Nationals – 92-70
**New York Mets – 85-77
Miami Marlins – 83-79
Atlanta Braves – 70-92
Philadelphia Phillies – 60-102

St. Louis Cardinals – 89-73
*Pittsburgh Pirates – 86-76
Chicago Cubs – 84-78
Cincinnati Reds – 78-84
Milwaukee Brewers – 75-87

Los Angeles Dodgers – 93-69
**San Diego Padres – 85-77
San Francisco Giants – 79-83
Arizona Diamondbacks – 69-93
Colorado Rockies – 67-95

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