2015 Super Bowl XLIX Picks – Prop Bets & Against the Spread

Joe Namath Super Bowl XLXI Prop Bets 2015 Coin Toss FunnyI LOVE prop bets. I actually get more joy out of betting Super Bowl prop bets than betting against the spread. Yes, most are a crap shoot, but with the right research, you can end up winning a bet with very favorable odds.

I’m not saying you can research who will win the coin toss, but there are many other player and team prop bets out there that have nice odds.

Some prop bets aren’t worth the money (the vig isn’t worth the slight risk), but sometimes you just have to lay a few bucks down, cross your fingers and wish for the best.

I picked out some of the most popular (and the most absurd) prop bets for Super Bowl XLXI. We also pick the game against the spread.

Let me know if you’re betting any of these props. Good luck!

How Long Will Idina Menzel’s National Anthem Last?

Over 122.5 Seconds
Under 122.5 Seconds

I usually always go with the under. Nerves get the performer and they usually rush through it.

Prediction: UNDER


What’s The Color of Bill Belichick’s Hoodie?

Grey (-155)
Blue (+115)

Bill loves the hell out of his hoodie. He hasn’t broken out a blue hoodie much, so I’m going with grey.

Prediction: GREY

Bill Belichick’s Hoodie Style?

Sleeves (+170)
Sleeves Cut (-235)

I’m going to take a bit of a risk here and say he will have sleeves. It’s not going to be cold in Arizona.

Prediction: Sleeves

What Will Katy Perry Wear During the First Song of Halftime Show?

Dress/Skirt (-225)
Pants/Shorts/Any Other (+165)

This one is difficult. She could have some sort of dress and then end up in a bodysuit, but I think she goes the bodysuit first. I guess that would fall under the ‘anything else’ category.


Will Katy Perry Show Cleavage During Haltime Show?

Yes (-800)
No (+450)

Of course she’s going to show a little something. If the halftime show is a disaster, at least you have something to look at.

Prediction: YES

Who Will Have The Most Crotch Grabs During Super Bowl XLIX?

Katy Perry (-120)
Marshawn Lynch (-120)

Well, the NFL already warned the Seahawks if Lynch does it, they’ll be penalized yards. I’m going to go with Katy Perry here.

Prediction: Katy Perry

How Many Viewers in Millions Will Watch Super Bowl XLIX?

Over 113 Million Viewers
Under 113 Million Viewers

With all the Ballghazi hype surrounding the Patriots, I’m guessing this Super Bowl could break records. The nation wants to see the Patriots get beaten.

Prediction: OVER

Which Region Will Have a Higher Nielson Rating?

Boston (-110)
Seattle (-130)

Seattle clearly loves the hell out of the Seahawks. Boston cares about the Pats too, but they’re not a football town. If the Celtics were good and played at the same time, Boston would watch the Celtics.

Prediction: Seattle

What Color Gatorade Will be Dumped on the Winning Head Coach?

Orange (+150)
Clear/Water (+250)
Yellow (+400)
No Gatorade/Liquid Bath (+500)
Red (+650)
Blue (+700)
Green (+900
Purple (+900)

I’m usually good at picking this prop bet. Forget about the last five choices. This is basically a three-man race. Orange could be the color, but I’m going with Yellow. It’s a popular choice.

Prediction: YELLOW

Coin Toss?

Heads (-101)
Tails (-101)

I’ve always been a Heads guy in the past. I’m going to switch it up and go with Tails this year.

Prediction: TAILS

Which Team Will Score First?

Patriots (-120)
Seahawks (-110)

You would think the Patriots would score first, but I have a feeling Seattle will get the ball first. I expect them to at least get a field goal with their first possession.

Prediction: SEAHAWKS

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Tom Brady (+180)
Russell Wilson (+350)
Marshawn Lynch (+400)
Rob Gronkowski (+800)
LeGarrette Blount (+1500)
Kam Chancellor (+2500)
Julian Edelman (+3000)
Richard Sherman (+3000)
Darrelle Revis (+4000)
Earl Thomas (+4000)
Doug Baldwin (+5000)
Shane Vereen (+5000)
Bobby Wagner (+6000)
Brandon LaFell (+7500)
Byron Maxwell (+7500)
Jamie Collins (+7500)
Jermaine Kearse (+7500)
Jonas Gray (+7500)
Bruce Irvin (+10000)
Cliff Avril (+10000)
Danny Amendola (+10000)
Devin McCourty (+10000)
Luke Wilson (+10000)
Malcolm Smith (+10000)
Michael Bennett (+10000)
Rob Ninkovich (+10000)
Stephen Gostkowski (+15000)
Steven Hauschka (+15000)
Donta Hightower (+20000)
Robert Turbin (+25000)
Vince Wilfork (+25000)

This award has historically gone to a quarterback. Last year was an anamoly since Peyton Manning kept throwing picks. I think Seattle will win this game, so the award will go to either Russell Wilson or Marshawn Lynch. This award is voted by the media, so Lynch has no shot. My pick goes to Wilson.

Longshot Prediction: EARL THOMAS

Which Team Will Win Against The Spread?

– New England Patriots (-1)
– Seattle Seahawks (+1)

Seattle is a much better team overall. The Ballghazi distraction might be too much to overcome for New England. The NFL will be watching the air pressure in their balls all game. Seattle come into this game with the momentum and swagger as defending champs.

Prediction: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (+1)


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