Are the Washington Redskins the Worst Team in the League?

dan-snyder-washington-redskins-nflIn the NFL, there are always people trying to make predictions after each week. It is the nature of the game, especially with so much dead time during the week to speculate. After just one week of action in the NFL in 2014, there are more than a few people who think that the Washington Redskins might just be the worst team in the NFL this year. They have 15 more games to prove that statement to be false, but in their opener against the Houston Texans, many things went wrong.

People in fantasy football were very optimistic about what Robert Griffin III could bring to the table in 2014. Many people thought that he would be 100% healthy going into the year after having to deal with some nagging issues last season. Instead, he struggled through the preseason, and he looked awful at times against Houston as well. Granted, Houston has a pretty strong defense, but people still expected him to be a little bit more effective.

Washington had their chance on Sunday to do some damage against the Houston Texans. However, they did not take care of the ball on offense, and they also did not prove to be very effective in the red zone. That led to a total of 6 points, and the future looks bleak at the moment.

Houston is definitely improved, but it is hard to overlook the fact that Washington was pretty much dominated by a team that has not won a game since September 15th, 2013. This upcoming week, they will get a shot at the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is another weak team from a year ago, but they showed some fight against the Philadelphia Eagles for ultimately losing in week 1. Washington needs to be quite a bit more solid on both sides of the ball to avoid falling to 0-2 on the season. If they are unable to win either of these 1st 2 games, the schedule gets even tougher and it could be a very long season for the Washington Redskins and their fans. Some might call that an overreaction, but there is very little to build off of in week 1.

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