20 Pictures of Nicolas Cage’s Face Photoshopped on People

Andre the Giant Nicolas Cage face faceoff funny comedy weirdI had a difficult time trying to think of a title that best suits this post. I went bland and just said what this actually post is…twenty pictures of Nicholas Cage’s Face Photoshopped on other people’s faces.

I first ran into the photo on the right while looking up some pictures of Andre the Giant to use on a different post. When I found that bad boy, I was both amazed and frightened. I would love to know whomever did that Photoshop (and the others), so I could properly give them credit.

After seeing the Andre the Giant picture, I went on a Google Image rampage to find others. It didn’t take me long to find a treasure trove of great photos of Nicholas Cage’s face in famous photos.

Here are the 20 best (funniest/odd) pictures of Nicolas Cage’s face Photoshopped on other people’s faces.

**click on photo for full image**

ET Nicolas Cage funny face faceoff parody strange odd funny picture Nicolas Cage Beyonce funny face faceoff hilarious parody picture Nicolas Cage Bill Clinton funny weird parody face faceoff hilarious nic Nicolas Cage Buzz Lightyear funny weird parody hilarious strange nic Nicolas Cage funny baby face faceoff weird strange odd nic Nicolas Cage funny Biggie Smalls face Norotious BIG weird strange faceoff switch nic Nicolas Cage George Washington funny hilarious picture parody face faceoff nic Nicolas Cage Kim Jong-Un Funny face faceoff switch North Korea weird strange odd Nicolas Cage Michael Jackson Thriller face faceoff funny weird strange picture nic Nicolas Cage Mona Lisa face funny comedy hilarious weird strange Nicolas Cage Napoleon Dynamite funny weird strange parody faceoff nic Nicolas Cage Paula Deen hilarious funny face faceoff switch nic Nicolas Cage Rosie the Rivetor hilarious funny parody odd strange weird Nicolas Cage Sarah Palin funny face faceoff hilarious picture nic Nicolas Cage Shrek hilarious funny cartoon parody odd face faceoff nic Nicolas Cage The Office Dwight Shrute Rainn Wilson funny face faceoff parody weird strange picture nic Nicolas Cage Tim Tebow face switch faceoff funny parody weird hilarious Nicolas Cage TMNT Shredder funny face hilarious picture faceoff nic Nicolas Cage Yoda funny weird face faceoff switch parody nic Star Wars

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