Damien Sandow’s Loss Hurts ‘Money In The Bank’

Damien-Sandow-WWE-Money-In-The-BankWWE’s ‘Money In The Bank’ has become one of the most-anticipated events of the year. The concept started in 2005 when Edge won and then used his title contract immediately after John Cena lost at the New Year’s Resolution pay-per-view. Edge held onto the briefcase for nine months before he found the perfect opportunity.

The match itself became so popular that WWE turned it into its own pay-per-view. Both Smackdown and RAW have a match and the winner can cash for a title shot. Currently, the WWE Championship title is on RAW and the World’s Heavyweight Championship title is on Smackdown.

No MITB winner has ever lost when cashing in their briefcase for a title shot (Cena didn’t get title, but won via DQ). MITB winners usually cash in when the current champion is beaten up after a match. Sandow did just that, but the outcome was not the same.

John Cena came back from a triceps injury to win the World’s Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio at WWE’s ‘Hell In A Cell’ pay-per-view. He received a beating from Del Rio. His triceps injury was exploited by Del Rio with many submission attempts to make Cena tap. Cena finally countered a submission and pinned Del Rio. Sandow did not cash in his MITB briefcase at this time.

The next night on Monday Night Raw, Cena came out to celebrate his championship win. Sandow followed him out and told him that when he least expects it, he will use his title contract and win his title. Sandow went to leave, but instead, he attacked Cena with the briefcase. He threw Cena outside and threw his injury elbow/shoulder against the steps. This was the moment Sandow cashed in his MITB opportunity.

Sandow and Cena had a good 25-30 match, but Cena beat Sandow with use of one arm.

‘Money In The Bank’ is a match in which a WWE Superstar can go from a mid-card guy to main eventer in one night. The match helped launch Edge, CM Punk and The Miz into main event guys. Before the MITB match, Edge was an ‘Intercontinental Championship’-level guy. He turned his MITB opportunity into a WWE Hall of Fame career.

With Sandow’s loss, the ‘Money In The Bank’ winner doesn’t guarantee themselves a title. That was once a part of the charm of the outcome of these matches. Once a winner is declared, the fans begin to think of scenarios how the wrestler will win the title.

Sandow’s loss delegitimizes the whole ‘Money In The Bank’ event. The briefcase winner will no longer be looked at as a future champion. This hurts the event and the concept.

I hope the next few MITB winners will cash in his contract and win. If not, the concept will be hurt, just like the WWE ‘Royal Rumble’ winner not winning the title at ‘Wrestlemania’. When that happened, the even lost some steam. Now the most interesting aspect of that match is the surprise entrants.

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