Hockey Talk: Sweetbob Edition

spiderman_cryingSince Joe Pasquali is fell asleep crying after going to Game 3 of the ALCS in Detroit and I assume Eddie Thiesen probably passed out in the bathrub…because it’s, uh, Tuesday? Good ole’ Sweetbob will take over today’s ‘Hockey Talk’ just to post a beautiful video that the guys may not enjoy.

My Columbus Blue Jackets played Joe & Eddie’s Detroit Red Wings tonight. Detroit won 2-1, but CBJ’s Cam Atkinson scored a gorgeous end-to-end goal. Columbus has some nice young talent. Atkinson is one of the reasons why I haven’t jumped off a bridge. I have hope that they’ll make the playoffs this year and win their very first playoff game as a franchise (not an entire series, I’m being realistic). *fingers crossed*

The video is after the jump…

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