Sports Crush: A.J. Lee

AJ-Lee-WWE-CM-Punk-Hot-SexyWe’ve written a handful of ‘Sports Crush’ posts since we launched a few years ago. We’ve spotlighted sportscasters, MMA fighters, and Olympians, but there hasn’t been a post about a professional wrestler…until today.

I’ve watched wrestling religiously every week as long as I can remember. I still make sure I keep my schedule open on Monday night’s to watch WWE’s ‘RAW’.

Female professional wrestlers are known as ‘Divas’ in the WWE. There is one specific diva that caught our eye.

A.J. Lee is the current Divas Championship holder and fellow nerd. She reads comic books, likes skulls and other things a punk nerd would enjoy. She’s the darling of all the internet wrestling fans.

Once you see A.J. Lee, you’ll know why we’re crushing her. We’ve add some photos and a very special .GIF of her for you to enjoy.

*Click on photos below to see full size image*

A.J. Lee Hot Sexy Ass WWE Bed Underwear AJ+Lee+WWE+Gallery+Hot+Ass+Sexy AJ+Lee+WWE+Bra+Sexy+Bikini AJ+Lee+WWE+Bikini+Contest+HOT AJ+Lee+Hot+Sexy+Bikini+WWE AJ+Lee+Ass+Bikini+WWE Hot+Sexy+AJ+Lee+WWE+DIVAS AJ-Lee-WWE-Bikini-Hot-Sexy-Nude AJ+Lee+WWE+Sexy+NXT AJ+Lee+WWE+Sexy+Ass+Smackdown+RAW AJ+Lee+WWE+Photoshoot+Gallery+Skulls+Sexy+Hot AJ+Lee+WWE+Nerd+Sexy+Hot AJ+Lee+WWE+Hot+Sexy+Jeans+Ass AJ+Lee+WWE+Hot+Sexy+Chucks+Geek

…and this GIF, since all the internet fan nerds have a fascination with A.J. Lee’s ass.

A.J. Lee Ass Gif WWE

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