Jacksonville Jaguars Need Tim Tebow to Save Franchise

Tim Tebow Jacksonville JaguarsTim Tebow is the most polarizing athlete in professional sports…and he’s not even playing.

The New England Patriots released Tebow just before the regular season started. The fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars instantly began to rally in hopes the team signed the former Florida Gators quarterback and nearby resident of Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Jacksonville is currently sitting at 0-4 with no signs of winning a game. They have been blown out in every game. Blaine Gabbert, who the team had hopes of being their franchise quarterback, looks completely lost. His backup is journeyman Chad Henne, an average quarterback on a good day.

The fans have held rallies in hopes the team owner Shahid Khan would demand the team sign Tebow and even flew a banner over the stadium when they hosted the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

Need proof?

Tim Tebow Airplane BannerLet’s take a look at Blaine Gabbert’s stats as an NFL quarterback…

  • He’s 5-22 as a starting quarterback (two wins came against Colts during ‘Suck for Luck’).
  • His QBR (a made up stat by ESPN) is 1.4.
  • He has yet to throw a touchdown this year.
  • He has thrown 22 interceptions and fumbled 9 times in 758 passing attempts.
  • He played so bad that he makes Chad Henne look competent.

I’m not a huge fan of Tebow, but he is more capable at the position than Gabbert. The bar is not set very high. An 0-16 season looks very possible at this point.

If Jacksonville Jaguars signed Tebow, they would sell more tickets. They actually had a beer promotion last week for the Indianapolis game. Fans would get two free beers with a purchase of a ticket. I would expect that sort of ticket promotion from a minor league baseball team, but NFL teams shouldn’t need them.

There have been rumors that Khan wants to move the team to London or possibly Los Angeles. If Jacksonville doesn’t sign Tebow, fans will pack the moving boxes for him.

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