2013 NFL Week 5 – Betting Picks Against Spread

Peyton-Eli-ManningNeed betting advice for the NFL games this weekend? We pick every game against the spread in Week 5 of the NFL season.

Now that fantasy baseball season ended (I won four out of the five leagues), I’m waist-deep in fantasy football and college & pro football point spreads…I can’t complain. It’s better than writing about June baseball games.

I had some nice wins last week, but missed on the Browns and Redskins.

We pick every NFL game against the spread and throw out a few upsets and moneyline plays for Week 5 of the young NFL season.

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (-1.5) – My pick is New York Giants

Ugh, this could be an ugly game. I will not have this game on my television screen on Sunday. If the Eagles don’t win this game, Philly fans will lose faith in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense (if they haven’t already). It will take some time to get the right players for it to work, but Philly fans aren’t known for their patience. I look for Eli Manning to have a bounce back game and play well.

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans (+3) – My pick is Kansas City

I trust Ryan Fitzpatrick as far as I can throw him. Jake Locker will be missed. The Chiefs will come out with a victory and cover the spread.

New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears (pk) – My pick is New Orleans

Chicago didn’t look good against Detroit’s offense last week. Well, New Orleans runs a better version of that offense, so I don’t see Chicago winning this game at home. It will be a shootout, but Brees is in the zone right now.

Jacksonville Jaguars at St. Louis Rams (-11.5) – My pick is St. Louis

I’m sorry Giants/Eagles game, I apologize for calling you bad. The Jaguars/Rams game will be MUCH worse. The Rams have looked awful recently, but they’re playing the Jaguars. I’ll never pick the Jaguars against any spread this season. I just can’t do it. Give me the Rams by multiple touchdowns.

New England Patriots at Cincinnati Bengals (-1) – My pick is Cincinnati

This game is hard to handicap. The Bengals are coming off a bad loss to the Browns and the Patriots lost DT Vince Wilfork for the season. I had both of these teams as preseason Super Bowl contenders, but I’m not sure if I can stand by that now. The Patriots miss Welker and Hernandez and barely squeaked by teams a few times already. The Bengals haven’t totally clicked, but are due for a win. Give me the Bengals at home.

Detriot Lions at Green Bay Packers (-7) – My pick is Detroit

There’s only one guarantee in this game, bet the over (53.5)! Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers are both playing really well and will have a good games. Five of the last six DET/GB games have been decided by seven points or less. This game will be close, give me the points.

Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins (-3) – My pick is Baltimore

I’m not a Ryan Tannehill believer. He had a BAD game against New Orleans last week. The Ravens acquired a new tackle in the middle of the week, so Flacco won’t have to keep looking over his shoulder as much. The Ravens have been bad on the road, but they are due. Give me the Ravens to win the game in a moneyline play.

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts (+3) – My pick is Seattle

As a Colts fan, I am not looking forward to this game. I know they beat San Francisco on the road, but they caught them at the perfect time with all the Aldon Smith drama. Seattle’s defense is great and the Indy offense has trouble scoring at times. This isn’t a good matchup for the Colts. Give me Seattle to win on the road and cover the spread.

Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals (+1.5) – My pick is Carolina

Do I feel great about picking Carolina to win on the road? No, but they played too good against the Giants. The Cardinals have only scored a total of two touchdowns in the last two weeks. Carolina is coming off a bye week and I always like teams coming off a bye.

Denver Broncos at Dallas Cowboys (+7) – My pick is Denver

It doesn’t matter who the Broncos play, I’ll pick them to cover a spread until they fail to do so. The Cowboys blew a lead last week against the Chargers and Tony Romo pouted The Broncos are just too good right now.

Houston Texans at San Francisco 49ers (-6.5) – My pick is Houston

The 49ers looked great in their Thursday night win, which is a feat in itself. Teams always look horrible on Thursday. Houston played well against Seattle last week, but lost by a field goal. This game will be close. SF will probably win this game, but will have a hard time covering the spread.

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders (+4) – My pick is Oakland

I will not be watching this game. San Diego has only played three quarters in every game this season. They either start slow or blow in the fourth quarter. Oakland has Terrelle Pryor back (thank God). Matt Flynn is a bad, bad, bad NFL quarterback. The Raiders made him their third-string QB behind undrafted free agent Matt McGloin. Ouch.

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns (-3.5) [Thursday] – My pick is Buffalo

The Browns have won two games in a row! I never would have thought that would happen at any point in the season. After the team traded Trent Richardson and benched Brandon Weeden, the team is undefeated. Their luck will run out against the Bills. A team can only run on ‘they don’t believe in us’ motivation for so long. I like Buffalo to win outright on Thursday night.

New York Jets at Atlanta Falcons (-9.5) – My pick is Atlanta

Believe it or not, but I had trouble picking this game. Atlanta hasn’t looked like a Super Bowl contender this season. They have issues running the ball and Roddy White is (still) not 100%. The Jets are bad, but not as bad as advertised. They can make this game close, but I can’t pick them. Atlanta has a good record against sub .500 teams. The Falcons will cover the spread.

*These picks are for entertainment purposes

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