Sports Crush: Holly Holm

Holly-Holm2It appears we love female MMA fighters on We’ve previously posted Sports Crush articles about UFC’s Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate.

Our focus in this post is Holly “Preacher’s Daughter” Holm. She’s fairly new to MMA, but is an accomplished boxer and kickboxer. She’s held titles in both sports.

Holm recently improved her MMA record to 4-0 after kicking Allana Jones in the head and knocking her out in a Legacy FC 21 bout. If she keeps improving, UFC’s Dana White will definitely offer her a contract. She’s already proven herself outside the octagon in kickboxing.

Why are we crushing on Holly Holm? We’ve added some photos below and you will soon be enamored with the “Preacher’s Daughter” too.

*Click on photos below to see full size image*

16HolmHendersonCorner Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC- Group Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC The ESPYs Giant Event Hosted By Eli Manning Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-3 SAMSUNG Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-5 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-6 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-7 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-8 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-9 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-10 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-11 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-12 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-13 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-14-Weighin Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-15 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-16 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-17 Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-ESPYS Holly-Holm-Sexy-Hot-MMA-UFC-Stockings HolmHollyComposite 

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