Toy Crazy: 1990s WWF Hasbro Action Figures

wwfhasbroGreenCardI know we all had toys as a kid that either got destroyed or sold by your parents at a yard sale. Well, a lot of those toys go for big money on eBay. In particular, the WWF Hasbro line of toys from the 90’s.

The WWF Hasbro line had figures of recognizable fame (Hulk Hogan, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bret Hart, Macho Man, etc) and those wrestlers even had multiple versions available to buy.

The action figure line didn’t have big names, it also had little-know personalities as Skinner, The Mountie and ‘The Model’ Rick Martel, but are common and not worth a lot.

Which figures go for over $100 when their MOC (mint on card)? The answer will surprise you.

The most expensive action figures in the WWF Hasbro line is the last series, which is most commonly referred to as the “green cards.” The photo above shows all the toys which are rare and in high-demand. Evil Crush, Ludvig Borga, Atom Bomb, Yokozuna (in white/back pants), The Smoking Gunns (Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn) and the most expensive, 1-2-3 Kid. These figures on eBay range from $80 to $150 unopened and mint.

I have a large selection of WWF Hasbros & WWF LJNs from the 1980’s (see below), but even these figures are hard to find. Out of the green card series, I only have Atom Bomb, which I bought for $35 (including shipping). Will I ever get the rest of the series? Hopefully, but not probably anytime soon.

The green card series aren’t the only toys going for big money on eBay. Macho Man’s Macho King version w/ crown & scepter, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ultimate Warrior (purple trunks), both Razor Ramon figures w/ gold chains, Bret Hart (in black/silver shades), Shawn Michaels (black/white tights), Dusty Rhodes, and Koko B. Ware w/ parrot all range from $15 to $30+.

I do my fair share of selling on eBay, specifically WWF Hasbros & WWF LJNs. You can see my current auctions here.

The photos below shows my addiction to buying WWF Hasbros, WWF LJNS & AWA Remcos. Reliving your childhood is becoming expensive hobby.



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