Sports Crush: Amanda Marcum

Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+HeaderWe’ve profiled various women in our “Sports Crush” series. Our favorites were UFC’s Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate & U.S. soccer’s Alex Morgan. This is the first time we’re dedicating a post about a lady who isn’t actually an athlete.

Amanda Marcum is the wife of Florida Gulf Coast’s basketball coach Andy Enfield. You may have seen a few pictures of Amanda Marcum before the NCAA Tournament, but did not know her name. She was a model who appeared in Maxim, Stuff and various other magazines.

Due to the current Mrs. Enfield being highlighted in the NCAA Tournament coverage, we’re pulling the trigger and featuring her in a Sports Crush post.¬†We’ve attached a photo gallery to show you why she deserves to be included.

Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Coach+Wife+FunnyAmanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Coach+Wife1 Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Maxim Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Maxim1 Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Model Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Stuff Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Stuff1Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Sexy Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+WallpaperAmanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Coach+Wife Amanda+Marcum+Florida+Gulf+Coast+Wife

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