Top 10 Schools with the Hottest Cheerleaders in NCAA Tournament

Florida+State+Seminoles+Basketball+Cheerleaders+2It’s been a long few days here at the site. We have posted over 35 articles breaking down games in hopes of helping you with your 2013 NCAA Tournament bracket.

Well, the analysis is officially over and it’s time to put on our sweatpants, open up a few beers and enjoy the games.

Before we get to that, we want to give our readers a little thank you for sharing our March Madness content and interacting with us.

We scoured the internet to scout all 68 teams in the tournament field…wait, not the team, but the cheerleaders. We’ve picked the ten schools that have the hottest best cheerleaders in the tournament.

Here are 60 pictures of cheerleaders from the ten schools with the best cheerleader squads in the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

I’ll be quick and just list the ten schools that I included in this post.

UCLA, St. Mary’s, Oregon, Gonzaga, Louisville, Michigan State, Florida State, Florida, Kansas & North Carolina.

My apologies to Arizona, Ole Miss & Syracuse. You would have made the cut, but there aren’t many high quality photos of your squad.

Also, for cheerleader purists, I want to note that I included the dance teams in with the cheerleaders. Sorry.

Click on the thumbnail for that full picture. Enjoy!


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