2013 March Madness: #5 UNLV vs #12 California

Anthony+Bennett+UNLV+2013+NBAIf you’re looking for an upset, look no further than when a #5 seed meets a #12 seed in the first-round. These matchups are the most common upsets in the history of the NCAA Tournament.

#5 UNLV (25-9) vs. #12 California (20-11) is a game filled with talent. Most of it is on the UNLV side, but Cal has a couple scorers worth watching.

Will NBA prospect UNLV’s Anthony Bennett make a splash in the tournament or will he be the latest “one & done” college athlete to only leave a ripple?

Who do you think will win? We help you fill out your bracket.

The UNLV Rebels have a tradition of making noise in the NCAA Tournament. They haven’t been very loud since Larry Johnson and Greg Anthony were on the court, but they have a chance this season.

UNLV’s roster is filled with talent. Bennett, as I mentioned previously, is the best power forward prospect in college basketball. In today’s basketball arena, it’s rare to find a player with post moves before they enter the NBA. The other standouts on UNLV are Katin Reinhardt, Bryce Dejean-Jones, Khem Birch and Mike Moser.

If UNLV had put it all together this season, they could have been a #1 or #2 seed.

The Cal Bears have a vanilla resumé . Their only notable wins were against Arizona and Oregon. They also have a pedestrian offense with no outside shooting. If they had to rely on players other than Allen Crabbe or Justin Cobbs to score, Cal couldn’t function.

I’m not sure why Cal is becoming a popular upset pick. I’ve watched a few of their games this season and nothing they’ve done has impressed me. I don’t want to pick them apart, but I really don’t like their chances against UNLV.

Prediction: #5 UNLV Rebels

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