NFL: Dolphins’ Brian Hartline Works at Convenience Store

Brian-Hartline-Funny+Miami+Dolphins+NFLMiami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline doesn’t fit the mold of an NFL player.

The former Ohio State standout came into the NFL as a fourth-round pick with marginal expectations. He has parlayed his success into a new contract worth $31 million over five seasons. You would think he’s set for life, right?

Hartline doesn’t believe so.

He appeared on Dan LeBatard’s radio show and admitted he was quite busy that day…working at a drive-thru convenience store. Really?!

We explain why he has a second job.

Hartline and his friends started a business together. They own a Smart Stop convenience store in his home state of Ohio.

When asked why he has to work there, he replied, “Somebody’s got to work it.”

He goes on to tell LeBatard that he is living the American Dream of being a business owner.

LeBatard replied, “I’m guessing Brandon Marshall’s not doing that.” Hartline was quick with his reponse. “Brandon Marshall got more money than me.”

I applaud Hartline for not acting like he’s better than someone who works a 9 to 5. I doubt you will see Hartline’s name on any “broke athlete” list. If NFL commissioner is smart, he should have him talk at this year’s NFL rookie symposium.

Expect Hartline to be sponsored by Slim Jims or Zig Zag rolling papers soon.

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