The Best Player Nicknames in Baseball History

Goose+Gossage+MLB+Nicknames+HOFAnyone can have a nickname, it’s easy. If you’re name is William or Robert, you can go by Billy or Bobby. You can even have a nickname that goes with your name. An example of that would be “Quick Nick” or “Slow Joe”. See how easy it is?

Well, people have gotten very lazy with nicknames in my generation. Alex Rodriguez is “A-Rod” and Derek Jeter is often referred to as “Jeets.” You see how lame we’ve become?

We scoured the list of players who have ever played in the Majors and we picked the best of all-time.

Here is our baseball player nicknames ‘Hall of Fame”.We have a criteria for a nickname to make this list. If the nickname includes “The” at the beginning, it has a better chance at getting on the list. Also, if your real name is included in your nickname, with a few exceptions, it doesn’t meet a high enough standard.

George Anderson – “Sparky” & “Captain Hook
Wally Backman – “Cabbage Patch
Jose Bautista – “Joey Bats
Lance Berkman – “Fat Elvis” & “Big Puma
Wade Boggs – “Chicken Man
Dennis Boyd – “Oil Can
Oil+Can+Boyd+Dennis+MLB+NicknamesRyan Braun – “The Hebrew Hammer
Mordecai Brown – “Three Finger
Orlando Cepada – “Cha Cha
Ty Cobb – “The Georgia Peach
Earle Combs – “The Kentucky Colonel
Gavvy Cravath – “Cactus Gravy
Ross Detwiler – “National Det
Joe Dimaggio – “The Yankee Clipper
Adam Dunn – “Big Donkey
Lenny Dykstra – “Nails
Norman Elberfeld – “The Tabasco Kid
Bob Feller – “The Heater from Van Meter
Frankie Frisch – “The Fordham Flash
Edward Ford – “Whitey” & “The Chairman of the Board
Lou Gehrig – “Biscuit Pants
Richard Gossage – “Goose” & “The White Gorilla
Burleigh Grimes – “Ol’ Stubblebeard
Vladimir Guerrero – “Vlad the Impaler
Ron Guidry – “Louisiana Lightning
Travis Hafner – “Pronk
Lenny+Dykstra+Nails+Nicknames+MLBMike Hargrove – “The Human Rain Delay
Gabby Hartnett – “Old Tomato Face
Orlando Hernandez – “El Duque
Al Hrabosky – “The Mad Hungarian
Carl Hubbell – “The Meal Ticket
Chuck Klein – “The Hoosier Hammerer
John Kruk – “One Nut Kruk
Joe Jackson – “Shoeless
Randy Johnson – “The Big Unit
Reggie Jackson – “Mr. October
Jeffrey Leonard – “Penitentiary Face
Aurelio Lopez – “Senor Smoke
Red Lucas – “The Nashville Narcissus
Connie Mack – “The Tall Tactician
Garry Maddox – “The Secretary of Defense
Mickey Mantle – “The Commerce Comet
Juan Marichal – “The Dominican Comet
Christy Mathewson – “The Christian Gentleman
AL+Hrabosky+Mad+Hungarian+MLB+NicknameWillie Mays – “The Say Hey Kid
Fred McGriff – “The Crime Dog
Joe Medwick – “Ducky Wucky
Minnie Minoso – “The Cuban Comet
Phil Niekro – “Knucksie
James O’Neil – “The Woodstock Wonder
Hub Pernoll – “Piano Legs
Alexei Ramirez – “The Cuban Missle
Branch Rickey – “The Mahatma
Pete Rose – “Charlie Hustle
Amos Rusie – “The Hoosier Thunderbolt
George Ruth – “Babe” & “Colossus of Clout
Marc Rzepczynski – “Scrabble
Pabo Sandoval – “Kung Fu Panda
Al Simmons – “Bucketfoot Al
Ozzie Smith – “The Wizard of Oz
EPSON scanner imageJoakim Soria – “The Mexicutioner
Casey Stengal – “The Old Professor
Don Sutton – “Black & Decker
Frank Thomas – “The Big Hurt
Shane Victorino – “The Flyin’ Hawaiian
Honus Wagner – “The Flying Dutchman
Larry Walker – “The Canadian Clubber
Earl Weaver – “Doodles
Ted Williams – “The Splendid Splinter” & “Teddy Ballgame
Jimmy Wynn – “The Toy Cannon
Kevin Youkilis – “The Greek God of Walks
Ben Zobrist – “Zorilla

Did we miss any? Please leave a comment with your favorite baseball player nickname of all-time.

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