Smart Bet: Indiana Pacers’ Eastern Conference Win

Paul+George+Indiana+Pacers+All-StarAre you looking for an NBA postseason bet that still has value? Pretty difficult, right?

The Miami Heat are on a terrific winning streak, but it could end at the end on Sunday when the Indiana Pacers play in Miami.

Betting against Lebron James takes a lot of guts, but there’s no value in any postseason Miami Heat bet. The Heat’s odds to win the Eastern Conference (-300) and their NBA Championship odds are (-110). Do you really want to tie up your money for three months in a bet that doesn’t win you much money?

I’ll explain why an Indiana Pacers bet to win the Eastern Conference is the smartest bet for the NBA Playoffs.

The Indiana Pacers play the Heat on Sunday. It’s going to be the biggest game that day. These teams battled each other in the Playoffs last season and it was physical. The Pacers did have the lead in the series at one point, but they couldn’t hold onto it. The Heat went on to win the NBA Championship and the Pacers went back home with valuable playoff experience.

One player learned the most from last year’s playoffs; it was Paul George. He has put the Pacers on his shoulders and has them battling for the #2 seed in the East. David West had a lot to do with it too, especially since Roy Hibbert’s lack of production and Danny Granger has been out due to injury. George has emerged as a future superstar.

The Pacers are currently 2-0 against the Heat this season. Indiana didn’t have Granger for either of those games, but he should see action this Sunday. Even though he is still struggling with his knee injury. If Granger plays the rest of the season, the bet I’m about to endorse will be even better.

The Indiana Pacers odds of winning the Eastern Conference Championship is +600 and the odds of winning an NBA Championship is +1400.

I’m not endorsing the NBA Championship bet, but Indiana winning the Eastern Conference is very plausible.

Bored? Try your luck now while the bet offers the largest payout. If the Pacers beat the Heat on Sunday, the odds of winning the East, could drop to +500 or lower.

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