NHL Talk: Hockey Auctions, Edmonton & Free Chili

skyline-chiliTwo hockey guys talking hockey.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two die-hard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game, every night (almost).

The guys talk about what you can get at an NHL online auction, why Columbus fans get extra excited when they hear a specific goal horn, hockey fights and various other happenings from this weekend’s NHL action.

I believe this is the third time in two weeks the guys have a lengthy conversation about chili. I’m completely fine with it. Excuse me while I go buy some chili.

This is their email conversation the following morning.

Pasquali: Happy Monday Eddie, how are you feeling today?

Eddie: A little bitter.

Pasquali: When you saw that puck hopelessly floating into the crowd did your stomach turn? Did you feel that foot in your groin already? For those of you that missed it, Detroit lost 2-1 yesterday to Chicago in a shootout. The Hawks tied it with under three minutes to go after Jonathan Ericsson took a delay of game penalty.

Theisen: When I saw him shoot the puck out of play I knew the Hawks were tying it up. I want to know what Ericsson’s thought process was during that play. ” Hmmmm, I can bank it off the boards, I could skate it out myself with all of the room I have, I could stop, turn around and slow the play down… No, I think I’ll flip 14 feet high and towards the crowd with 2 and half minutes left.

Pasquali: So you are now the biggest Minnesota Wild fan in the world. Tuesday night they try to save your manhood from impending doom.

Theisen: Well, the way the Red Wings lost to the Hawks yesterday was a way bigger kick to the nuts than the one looming.

Pasquali: Have to say it was a great hockey game though. Jimmy Howard kept Detroit in the game early and then the Wings turned it on and were the better team the later stages of the game. Had a real playoff feel to it. It’d be a shame if these teams were split up next year with a new alignment.

Theisen: It was one of the best games of the year. Both teams deserved 2 points. I wouldn’t mind only playing the Hawks twice a year. This team is going to be great for the next decade or so. I’ll gladly take teams like the Panthers, Lightning and Senators.

Pasquali: The other GREAT game I watched yesterday was Montreal v Boston. Anyone who thought these teams may be calming down was dead wrong. This game had hits, goals, fights, and most of all hatred. Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais both scored in the 3rd to give the Habs the 4-3 win in a game where they were mostly outplayed. The mark of a great team is winning games when you don’t have your best, and Montreal did that.

Theisen: Yeah, what a great follow up to Detroit vs Chicago. Even Peter Budaj showed up for this game for the Habs. He played pretty well and made a huge save on Tyler Seguin with about 3 seconds left. I still think Boston is the elite of the East, but right now you have to think Montreal is at least second best.

Pasquali: Montreal goes into Boston and wins, and you still think Boston is better? You really hate the Canadiens.

Pasquali: Boston coach Claude Julien said after the game he is tired of Montreal players “embellishing”. He was upset about Chara getting a ten minute misconduct for going after Alexei Emelin in the second period. Emelin crosschecks Seguin and doesn’t get called, so right after Chara makes a beeline straight to the Canadiens forward. Props to Emelein for 1) Not shitting himself, and 2) Attempting to go toe to toe with the monster.

Theisen: Chara definitely deserves an instigator. That’s the definition of instigating. He had a good reasoning for doing it though, and it is good to see the captain stand up for his teammates. Montreal has been known for diving for so long. It honestly doesn’t shock me when I see it.

Pasquali: It is a good thing the NHL scheduled Columbus/Colorado yesterday for 3 PM, or else the primetime game rating’s would have suffered. Did you SEE that action yesterday at Nationwide Arena? Blue Jackets win! Blue Jackets win! An overtime winner by Artem Anisimov and Columbus has won their sixth game of the year.

Theisen: That was the only game I didn’t see a second of yesterday. Sounds like it was a doozie though. Did Columbus get 3 goals for everyone to get free chili?

Pasquali: Sadly no, they won 2-1. The people of the greater Columbus area will have to pay for their own delicious chili today.

Theisen: Check it out.

Pasquali: Hahaha. They have a separate goal horn for when they get free chili?

Theisen: Yeah, you didn’t notice this when we went for opening night? Another time I went, my Blue Jackets buddy was screaming “Chili” at the top of his lungs. He knew it was a good day to be a Jackets fan.

Pasquali: I would be doing the same thing, I LOVE CHILI. Detroit could do something like that with Cheli’s Chili or Little Caesar’s pizza. Maybe every time Datsyuk scores they could give away shots of Russian Vodka or something. Just throwing out ideas here, is anyone writing these down?

Theisen: Joe, are you forgetting that when any Red Wings player gets a hat trick you get a free curly fry from Arby’s

With representation of the box score at any participating Arby’s location.

Pasquali: I didn’t forget, I just think that is a lame ass award for a player getting a FREAKING HAT TRICK. Hat tricks are rare; a team may have a player get one a few times a season. A free small curly from Arbys? Come on Detroit. I want every time Jordan TooToo rearranges someone’s face we get a free Molson XXX. Gimme some creativity. Or chili. You can substitute originality for chili anytime.

Theisen: So what does Patrick Kaleta get for rearranging Brad Richard’s face last night?

Pasquali: A penalty and a loss. Buffalo was looking good until they took a couple dumb penalties in the 3rd period. Had to be frustrating for Sabres fans. Your team plays a great 40 minutes followed by an idiotic final period that includes a 10 minute game misconduct for that hit. I guess they can be happy they still got a point, losing in the shootout. Rick Nash probably had his best game as a Ranger, scoring both in regulation and in the shootout.

Theisen: Ryan Callahan also had an awesome shootout goal. Is it me or does Ryan Miller just seem like a brat in Toys R Us this season? He constantly looks pissed off and when he wins, he talks shit.

I’m not sure what Henrique did to deserve some trash talk. Henrique isn’t really the kind of player to do it to.

Pasquali: Goalies are a crazy breed, who knows why they do what they do. Carolina’s Eric Staal had two goals on Saturday in a 6-2 thrashing of my Panthers. He quietly has 12 goals and is playing some great hockey. Think anyone will be throwing MVP talk Eric’s way?

Theisen: I doubt it. Carolina is a little more well-rounded this year and don’t need to rely on him as much this season. There are too many people ahead of him at this point for the Hart Trophy. Craig Anderson, Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane and Thomas Vanek are all well ahead of Staal at this point.

Pasquali: Any favorite moments from the weekend? Fights? Snipes? Hits?

Theisen: I’ve enjoyed watching the Penguins give up a lot of goals, even though they’re still getting some wins. My favorite snipe of the weekend was Daniel Sedin against the Kings.

My favorite fight was probably Lucic vs Prust just because it was two heavyweights going at it.

Pasquali: Really great shot, floating away from the goal and then a quick little slap into the far side. The NHL announced yesterday they are suspending Philadelphia Flyers forward Harry Zolnierczyk four games for his charge in Saturday night’s game vs Ottawa. The play was about as deliberate as they come. If they are trying to make the game safer, plays like that need more than four games.

Theisen: I agree it deserves a suspension, but I think it should’ve only been like 1 or 2 games. Head was the principal point of contact, but he didn’t truly leave his feet. It’s just becuase Zolnierczyk is known for being a dirty player. His reputation got him a couple more games.

Pasquali: There are clean big hits, and then there is trying to hurt someone. He had a few huge strides and left his feet, it was dirty.

Theisen: I’ve just read that the Maple Leafs traded forward Mike Brown to the Edmonton Oilers for a 4th round pick in 2014.

Pasquali: So, Edmonton wanted some grit to go along with that young team. Not a bad move I guess. Would you rather play for the Leafs and get waffles thrown at you or play for the Oilers and just have people tell you your team isn’t as good as teams past?

Theisen: That’s been a topic of conversation for the Oilers this season. In their defense Ryan Jones was out a while due to injury. The way I see it, I’d much rather play on the Leafs and get waffles thrown at me. The team has lost for so long that even with the big expectations in Toronto, no one expects you to meet those expectations. Being in Edmonton would be horrible as one of these young kids. You’re expected to be the next NHL dynasty and get compared to teams full of players like Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier and Jari Kurri. In Toronto, at least you get free waffles.

Pasquali: I do love waffles. Oh man, currently Edmonton is doing an online charity auction! You can bid on a GAME USED CCM RBZ STICK from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins!! How much would you pay for that?!?!


Theisen: About 75 McChickens.

Pasquali: The current bid is $440.00

Theisen: If Ryan Nugent-Hopkins had broken any major rookie record, then I could see that maybe. The kid still has to show his worth in the league.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great player and 1,000,000 times better than I’ll ever be. But I gurantee that stick goes for like $2,000.

Pasquali: In their last 13 games, RNH has 2 points. Two. For a forward averaging around 20 minutes of ice time a night, that is terrible.

Theisen: That’s what I’m saying. Edmonton struggling is not a good sign (obviously) for these kids. If they keep losing year after year, that just brings these players up in a losing envionrment. Does Edmonton’s front office really just say “We’re still a couple years away”. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2006. In a league where 16 out of 30 teams make the playoffs, that’s unacceptable. Cough, cough Maple Leafs

Pasquali: This is what you and I would both be bidding on.


Theisen: Yeah, I acutally ran out of toilet paper last night. I could get my value out of that.

Pasquali: Hahaha. Scratch that, we need this. I am spending the rest of the day on NHL Auctions.


Theisen: I would love to have that now. Most underrated goalie mask in NHL history. Vanbiesbrouck was an unsung hero for your Panthers. This is what came up when I searched for Jonathan Ericsson memorabilia. Surprising no one wants anything from him.


Pasquali: Four games of hockey tonight, any big plans this evening Eddie?

Theisen: For only four games tonight, they’re some pretty decent ones. Might try to pwn some noobs in NHL13 then watch some hockey

Anything going on at the Pasquali homestead tonight?

Pasquali: Probably watch some Batman with my daughter, play video games, and watch some hockey. A typical evening.

Theisen: I know Anica owns you when it comes to super heroes. Must be tough to get owned by a second grader.

Pasquali: Eh, when you have some kids you’ll understand. Then again, if the Hawks keep winning I guess we’ll never know.

Theisen: Not gonna happen. Balls of Steel.


Pasquali: You hope.
Pasquali’s Picks (season so far 116-102)

Devils over Leafs
Lightning over Penguins
Ducks over Coyotes
Predators over Kings
Theisen’s Picks (season so far 113-105)

Leafs over Devils
Penguins over Lightning
Coyotes over Ducks
Kings over Predators

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