NHL Talk: Tomas Kopecky, Nickelodeon & Goalies Galore

Artie+Pete+Pete+NickelodeonTwo hockey guys talking hockey.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two die-hard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game, every night (almost).

The guys talk about old Nickelodeon shows, how Steve Yzerman can help the Lightning, if Tortorella’s job is in jeopardy and “awful waffles”.

I hope you like goalies…because they talk a lot about who’s hot and cold.

By the way, neither of these guys have a girlfriend.

This is their email conversation the following morning.

Final Scores from 2/27/13

WIN 4, NYR 3
WSH 3, CAR 0
BOS 4, NYI 1
BUF 2, TMB 1
FLA 6, PIT 4
PHX 4, VAN 2
Pasquali: Goog morning, Eddie. Did you miss me yesterday?

Theisen: Not really. I slacked a bit on the Monday games, so I was kind of glad I didn’t have to talk about them. What were you doing?

Pasquali: Busy day, just a lot of work to do and I had to take my Buster to the groomers. Oh, and I found my “Pete & Pete” DVDs. So you know I had to watch those.

Theisen: “Pete & Pete” was good, but it’s “No Salute Your Shorts”.

Pasquali: Whoa whoa whoa. “Salute Your Shorts” was a great show, no doubt. But I think “Pete & Pete just “said more”, you know? But I will admit, Zeke the plumber still haunts me to this day…

Theisen: And I will admit the bus driver from “Pete & Pete” was classic


OK, got that out of my system. Panthers 6, Penguins 4. The BB&T Center was going crazy!

Theisen: Yeah, you know what the best part of Tomas Kopecky’s hat trick was? The fact that not one Panther’s fan threw a hat on the ice… now that’s a true hockey market. The Florida announcers tried to cover it up by saying “Oh, well it was a scramble on the puck and I don’t think the fans realized Kopecky scored”. No, there fans are just clueless and probably don’t realize you throw hats on the ice when a player scored three goals

Pasquali: Times are tough Eddie, I don’t know if you have heard of this thing called “the recession”? I hadn’t until last week, but apparently people don’t have as much money as they used to. And hats are expensive, so even though the hundreds of Panthers fans in attendance appreciated the feat, no one wanted to part with their pricey Panthers hat.

Theisen: I’m sure the Panther’s fans can part with the $1.95 they spent.

Pasquali: Pretty sweet lid, brah. Before we talk about the awesome game, I want to touch on the “hat trick”. We have discussed it before, but we both agree that when a player gets one for your team you HAVE to throw your hat on the ice if you have one. It doesn’t have to be an NHL team hat or anything, but you should always bring a hat to a game in case someone nets three. Hockey fan 101.

Theisen: I never wear hats, so that rule is N/A to me. If I had a hat though, I would “Float it” like Henry Rowengartner.


Pasquali: Best pitcher the Cubs have had in the last 30 years. Kid was a stud. OK, to the game. Florida just looked like they wanted it more. I was worried for a bit when Pittsburgh came back to tie it 4-4, I mean they had ALL of the momentum. Props to Florida for gritting it out and getting the two points, biggest win for them all season. Also, it is not every game you see four goalies play.

Theisen: I couldn’t believe how well the Panthers played against an elite Penguins team. They even put up 6 goals. Maybe this could be a big momentum win for the Panthers. Only 3 points out of a playoff spot at the moment and everyone in the East is still well in a playoff race. Even dead last Buffalo is only 4 points out of eighth.

Pasquali: And Buffalo got the first win of the Rolston era with a 2-1 win over Tampa Bay. The Lightning dominated the game but Ryan Miller was stellar, stopping 30 of 31 shots. Vanek was the best non-goalie for Buffalo with two assists and a threat to score all game long. Good win for Buffalo and if you are the Lightning you have to be concerned. They were 0-6 on their power play and they are 3-8-1 in their last 12 games.

Theisen: It’s plain and simple… Guy Boucher needs to be fired. His first season was a huge success, getting all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals. Last season they missed the playoffs which is unacceptable with that talented roster. Now this year, they look like they may squeeze into a 7 or 8 seed. If I’m GM Steve Yzerman, I don’t take a risk in a shortened season of missing the playoffs two years in a row with this team. Boucher needs to go.

Pasquali: Man, I really wish you were Steve Yzerman. Then I would be friends with Steve Yzerman.

Theisen: Wouldn’t that be amazing.

Pasquali: Yeah, why aren’t you cooler? Washington got their second shutout of the season, blanking the Hurricanes 3-0. Two wins in a row against playoff teams in New Jersey and Carolina. Washington seems to be clicking but they have a big road game tonight at Philly. Did you see that Cam Ward save last night?

Theisen: You know you live in America when the NBC Sports’ NHL rivalry night is featuring the Flyers vs Capitals instead of Toronto vs Montreal. In what world do we live in, in which the Flyers and Caps have a bigger rivalry than the Leafs and Habs?

Pasquali: A cold, sad world. Did you see that save by Cam Ward last night on the Caps though? Get that shit outta here!

Theisen: I didn’t see this one. Reminds of when Cam Ward was actually useful back from 06-09.

Pasquali: Rangers lost again, this time 4-3 to Winnipeg. Olli Jokinen and Evander Kane each had two goals for the Jets. Kane had a sick snipe in the second, I don’t think Lundqvist even saw it. I am just going to pick against New York every game because they never seem to win. Could Tortorella’s job be in jeopardy?

Theisen: I don’t think it is, last year’s Eastern Conference Finals run was the deepest this team had gone since 1997. I don’t think one bad year will make him lose his job. A person on the Rangers that should be more concerned about his job is Brad Richards. He’s been horrible this year and there have been rumors that the Rangers could use one of their compliance buyouts on Richards in the summer. That’d be interesting to see if New York actually follows through on it.

Pasquali: That’ll be interesting to follow, Richards has always been a really good player but he is having an awful year. Boston beat the Islanders 4-1 but the score doesn’t reflect how good of a game it was. Rask had 36 saves for the Bruins. Is he the best goalie in the East right now?

Theisen: I’d say he’s the best for goalies that are actually playing. Other than that, I’d have to give it to injured Craig Anderson. He’s been the best goalie in the league this year without a doubt.

Pasquali: Tomorrow night is Ottawa @ Boston, so we will really see which goalie is the best!

Theisen: If Anderson actually plays. Ben Bishop vs Tuukka Rask would still be a great goalie matchup

Pasquali: Since we didn’t get to talk yesterday, I forgot to ask how you were feeling. Nervous?

Theisen: They still got 6 to go now. As long as it’s not as painful as this looks.

Pasquali: Ouch. You are now the biggest St. Louis Blues fan in the world. They will try to get it done and save your manhood tomorrow night. For anyone who missed our Hockey Talk Monday, Eddie made a bet with a Blackhawks fan that Chicago would get a regulation loss before they reached 25 games of recording a point. If Chicago gets to 25, his friend gets to kick Eddie as hard as he wants in the genitals.

Theisen: I’m hoping my Red Wings get it done for me. I’ll definitely take the Blues tomorrow though just in case Detroit lets me down. The only way it could be worse than them pulling it off is if the Avs have a one goal lead and Marian Hossa ties it up with one second left. Hossa would then be my least favorite player ever.

Pasquali: Speaking of Colorado, San Jose beat them in a shootout last night 3-2. The Sharks needed that one, W’s are far and few between for them. Colorado has now lost their last three, but only finds themselves 4 points out of the #8 spot. Besides Columbus, the West is really tight as well.

Theisen: Add up the Avs and Blue Jacket’s points totals and they’re still 5 points back from the Blackhawks. The Sharks were indeed in need of a win last night. Even if it came down to a shootout against a not so good Colorado team.

I feel like the Sharks right now would just be a waste of a playoff team. They’re such an inconsistent and shaky team to watch. Could make for a boring series against whoever they would play first round. I’d rather see someone like Calgary in who has an awesome fan base and an Iginla fighting for a Cup.

Pasquali: Yeah and Joey Mac! He gets picked up off Waivers a couple weeks ago and has been playing ever since. 3-1-1 with a .914 SV%. Calgary has to be happy with how he has stepped in.

Theisen: He’s definitely a starting goaltender on some NHL teams. I felt bad for him in Detroit with all the goalies ahead of him. I was glad to see him get a chance with another club. Hopefully he does some good in Calgary and helps them out. I think the Flames have to stick with him right now.

Pasquali: Four games tonight. Toronto v. Montreal is obviously the big won. The Leafs destroyed Montreal 6-0 last time they played, but I have a feeling that won’t be the result tonight.

Theisen: Always a good time to watch the Habs go into Toronto. You’re right though, two different teams from the start of the season. I can’t wait to see if Subban lays out Kessel resulting in a Brown and Prust fight. Should be a good one.

Pasquali: What do you see as keys to each team winning? For Montreal I think you have to look at Carey Price. Since getting beat by Toronto, he is 3-0-2 with two shutouts.

Theisen: Maple Leafs got to put pressure on Carey Price. With how well he’s playing, Toronto needs to put a lot of pucks at the net and drive for rebounds. The Maple Leafs can’t expect to do much with less than 30 shots tonight.

Pasquali: Prediction?

Theisen: I’m going to say Maple Leafs 3-2. With JVR scoring 2 goals

Pasquali: You just refuse to pick Montreal. I’ll go with my Habs. Loser gets an Awful Waffle?


Theisen: Well, if you have a tennis racket, I can bring the maple syrup. May need to go to Home Depot for the sandpaper though.

Pasquali: Oh, I got plenty at my house from all the pinewood derby cars I’ve been making.

Theisen: Need to start calling you Baby Fark McGee-zax

Pasquali: Haha, I was just joking about the derby cars, but nice obscure South Park reference. You really have no life, do you?

Theisen: In the words of the great Roger Smith, “My only regret… not watching enough television”
Pasquali’s Picks (season so far 101-90)

Canadiens over Leafs
Capitals over Flyers
Ducks over Predators
Wings over Kings

Theisen’s Picks (season so far 97-94)

Leafs over Canadiens
Flyers over Capitals
Ducks over Predators
Wings over Kings

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