NHL Talk: Fashion Week, Model Sidney Crosby & Suspensions

Two hockey guys talking hockey.

Joe Pasquali and Eddie Theisen are two diehard NHL fans. They both watch every hockey game every night (almost).

The guys recognize talk about Montreal Fashion Week, shirtless Sidney Crosby and unfair hockey suspensions.

If Montreal Fashion Week was on pay-per-view, Joe would probably buy it.

By the way, neither have a girlfriend. This is their email conversation the following morning.

Final Scores 2/5/13

BOS 2, MTL 1
ANA 3, COL 0

Pasquali: Montreal didn’t exactly “Raise the torch” last night.

Theisen: Like I said they wouldn’t… your Frenchies failed you last night.

Pasquali: Good game though. Montreal played a great first, went silent for half of the second. And then BAM…SUBBANATOR!

P.J. Subban’s 1-0 Goal – ¬†Bruins at Canadiens 02/06/2013

Should players be able to give themselves their own nickname?

Theisen: The only people that give themselves nicknames are people that wear Aviators and are in the WWE. Tuukka Rask looked like Tim Thomas last night and showed that he is their main man between the pipes. Rask also started the 2010 season before Tim Thomas stole back the starting job in 2011.

Pasquali: Rask was solid and in the end it really was a good hockey game. But, Montreal has to be kicking themselves. They played a great 57 minutes of hockey last night, but a three minute lapses at the beginning of the third period cost them. Tyler Seguin and David Krejci both took advantage of soft defense in front of the net.

Theisen: The Bruins definitely seem to be the best team in the East. When you take shifts off against the best, they’ll capitalize on their chances when they get them. Both of the Bruins goals were very skillful though, especially Seguin’s to tie the game.

Tyler Seguin’s 1-1 Goal – Bruins at Canadiens 02/16/2013

Pasquali: Great goal. I think we are both missing the big headline from the game however…Will Smith was in the house!!! Yes, that is correct. The Fresh Prince himself attended the Bruins/Habs game. I guess he is in town for Montreal’s fashion week. How could we have forgotten about Montreal fashion week?

Will Smith at Bruins/Canadiens Game

Theisen: I guess you could call him “The Fresh Prince of Bell Cent-air”

Pasquali: Really put that one on a tee for you there. Montreal was the place to be this week. With the Bruins coming to town and designers showing off their Fall-Winter collections for 2013/14, where would you rather be? I mean look how much fun these guys are having.

Theisen: Can’t tell if this is from Montreal’s fashion week or a promo for the new movie Warm Bodies. Both sound terrible to me.

Pasquali: You’re not looking forward to a zombie rom-com?? It is an untapped market! Did you like 500 days of Summer? Did you like 28 days later? Then this is for you!

But yeah, those model dudes. WTF are they wearing? That is fashion?

Theisen: Well, it’s still better than what Sidney Crosby has done.

Sadly, I’ve posted more shirtless photos of athletes than bikini models…This.Must.Change.

Pasquali: I don’t know. I think one more headshot and Sid can look into a career in modeling. He is a natural.

Theisen: Let’s stop this “metro talk” and talk about the ass slap the Ducks gave the Avalache last night. 3-0 and a completely dominated game by the Ducks, despite being outshot 31-20.

Pasquali: We touched on Viktor Fasth earlier this week and said Anaheim had to stick with their hot goalie, and they did. He recorded his first career shutout (stopping all 31 shots he faced) and Anaheim is off to a franchise best start. (7-1-1). Yes, Fasth was shutting down the Stars just like Lida Eisenbruk will be shutting people out of her exclusive “BANG Couture” show today.

Theisen: Joe, I’m really starting to question your sexual orientation. The Avs rank 28th right now in goals for, with 2.1 goals a game and their power play is at only 9.1%. Colorado needs Gabriel Landeskog back to spark something offensively. They’re only averaging 2.6 goals against a game, so if they can start putting the puck in the net, they should be able to start winning some games.

Pasquali: They didn’t win, but when I watch the Avs I don’t necessarily see a bad team. I agree, if they can get their captain back and get the PP working, they will be a lot better. They played hard all three periods and Patrick Bordeleau beat the hell out of Brad Staubitz in the first. So that is something.

Brad Staubitz vs. Patrick Bordeleau [Hockey Fight!]

Theisen: They remind me of a better Washington Capitals. Playing somewhat well, but just can’t seem to get a bounce or have a puck go in. Still got plenty of season left, so let’s see if the Avs can turn it around.

Pasquali: In the third game of the night, Dallas won an OT thriller at Edmonton. This is what I took from it. Entertaining game, back and forth play, questionable defense at times, and Jaromir Jagr could be scoring goals when he is 50.

Jaromir Jagr Scores 668th Goal, Stars Win in OT

Theisen: Very good game last night in Edmonton. Jagr with the short side snipe to end it was a great way to end that game. Is it me or do the Oilers seem to not be winning these close one-goal games and overtime games because of their youth and inexperience?

Pasquali: Good point. I’d say their lack of quality defenseman and goal-tending. You get into an overtime game and there are going to be some great scoring chances. That is when you see the big names (Marty Brodeur, Antti Niemi, etc.) really step up and shut teams down. They can carry their teams to a win or at least to the shootout. I don’t want to hate on Devan Dubnyk, he is doing what he can. No one has faced more shots this year (323), but if they want to win these close games, he needs to take his game to the next level.

Theisen: Dubnyk looks more confident this year than ever. He’s helped the Oilers stay in some games they maybe shouldn’t have been in. Jagr is still showing he can be a force in the NHL. Last night he tied Luc Robitaille for 10th all-time in the NHL with his 668th goal. If you think about it, Jagr played over in the KHL from 2008-2011 and could be considerably higher on the scoring list. That’s about 60-70 missed goals, with those three seasons. He also missed the 04-05 NHL season, as did everyone, with their season-long lockout. He’s also been in two partial season lockouts (so dumb). That’s about 100 goals taken away from Jagr. He could be pushing for 800.

Pasquali: Crazy to think how much hockey has been lost because of Bettman and the owners. Jagr is one of the best ever to lace them up and it’s still cool to watch him play at a high level at age 40. Have to wonder if other teams are kicking themselves for not going after him in the offseason.

Theisen: Don’t be so quick to persecute just the owners and Bettmann. Players were just as big to blame for this last lockout. I don’t want to do “lockout talk”, even though it’s pisses me off thinking about it. A reason I think a lot of teams didn’t go after him is because of his age (obviously) and his injury last year with the Flyers. Even though it only cost him 9 games, lower body injuries at that age can be costly. He did put up 54 points in 73 games, which would make you think more teams would’ve made a pitch for him.

Pasquali: Maybe Dallas is just a great city to play hockey in.

Plus, every bar has a mechanical bull and you can wear a gun everywhere (I think).

Theisen: I think that’s why Ray Whitney went there.

Pasquali: Twelve games tonight and some really interesting matchups. Kings at Preds, Caps at Pens and Tampa at New Jersey should all be fun to watch. Oh, and do you think Marian Hossa will have his head up tonight in Phoenix?

Raffi Torres hit on Marian Hossa in April 2012

Theisen: Don’t even get me started on that Torres hit on Hossa. That hit was not worthy of a 20+ game suspension. Sure, Torres made a high hit, but wasn’t even that dirty of a hit. Anyway, there are indeed some compelling matchups tonight and I think the most overlooked one is Islanders vs Rangers. An overachieving Islanders face-off against and underachieving Rangers.

If the Isles can go into Madison Square Garden and steal a win, that’d be a huge confident boost for this group.

Pasquali: I think the Rangers will win, they really need this game. But an Isles victory would be a lift and they are playing better hockey, very intriguing game indeed. Brandon Dubisnky received a max fine and no suspension for his hit in against the Kings’ Rob Scuderi on Tuesday night. Right call?

Theisen: I do like the call with just the fine. Remember last year in the Finals when Scuderi got hit from behind, resulting in the Kings getting a five-minute power play and scoring three goals on it? I didn’t think that was a worthy of five-minutes and if Scuderi gets “hit from behind” again, the league seriously has to consider that Scuderi is putting himself in that situation, instead of him being the victim. I also like the fact that the maximum fine is now $10,000. In the last CBA, $2,500 was the max fine, simply wasn’t high enough. You think Shea Weber learned anything from being fined $2,500, with his WWE head smash on Henrik Zetterberg last year?

Shea Weber Shoves Henrik Zetterberg’s Face Into Glass

Pasquali: Good point. Not sure how much players react to the fines or think about it while playing. I think suspensions hit harder, especially for a key player. Fun fact, Mr. Weber still does not have a point this season. Maybe karma hurts more than fines.

Theisen: Or maybe the fact that he realized he flushed his career away by signing a 14 year contract in Nashville. Don’t get me wrong, Nashville is a great team, but I don’t think they’ll be a consistent Cup contender in the near future.

Pasquali: Last year, I thought they had a real shot, but yeah I agree with you. They have some work to do if they want to be one of the best teams in the West. Tonight will be a great chance to see how good this Predators team is against the defending champs. I cannot wait for all of the hockey tonight! I’m equally excited to see the new lines and styles that debut at the comp√©tition finale! Oh, Montreal Fashion Week, how we hardly knew thee.

Theisen: I fucking hate you.

Pasquali’s Picks (season so far 21-29)

Habs over Sabres
Lightning over Devils
Rangers over Islanders
Flyers over Panthers
Penguins over Caps
Jackets over Flames
Senators over Hurricanes
Leafs over Jets
Blues over Wings
Preds over Kings
Wild over Canucks
Hawks over Coyotes

Theisen’s Picks (season so far 24-26)

Sabres over Habs
Devils over Lightning
Rangers over Islanders
Flyers over Panthers
Penguins over Caps
Jackets over Flames
Senators over Hurricanes
Jets over Leafs
Blues over Wings
Preds over Kings
Wild over Canucks
Hawks over Coyotes

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