America’s White Boy: The Podcast?

Hey guys,

I know what you’re thinking…did he just wake up from his New Year’s hangover? Well, sort of.

I’ve been working on launching a podcast. I’ve never worked with audio equipment at this level before, so it has been a learning experience. I’m very thankful my dog is not a parrot. He would have learned so many colorful words.

Before I ask you guys to email BobbyMcRib (at) Gmail or tweet me @Sweetbob, I want to explain what I want to accomplish with the podcast.

The podcast will be a mix between sports and pop culture. I have a lot of friends/acquaintances/colleagues who cover sports or music for a living. I want to share them with the world along with some of the characters I’ve met in my life. I’d feel very selfish if I didn’t share them with the world. The target demographic will be male 18-49, but I don’t want to be overtly chauvinistic. The podcast will be humorous, but I want to keep an option open to interview interesting people, even if the goal is to only inform.

Wait, if I have a bikini model on the podcast, will that help my iTunes podcast algorithm rank? No? Damn.

If you have any ideas, topics, sponsorship inquiries or advice, please shoot me an email or tweet. This podcast idea has been on my mind for a long time. It has taken the success of this blog (and experience gained from writing for print mags and other websites) to give me the confidence to pursue this. The first episode’s release date is TBD, but it will be here sooner than you know.

Speaking of Sooners…Hey, Oklahoma benchwarmers, are you excited for “The America’s White Boy Podcast”?

Calm down, fellas! You’re going to injure your beer pong arm.


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