Review – "WWE: Undertaker – The Streak" DVD

The Undertaker has the most impressive winning streak in professional wrestling history. He has won every match he has wrestled in at Wrestlemania. He is a perfect 20-0 and counting.

“WWE: Undertaker – The Streak” is a compilation of every match The Undertaker has ever wrestled at Wrestlemania. The four-disc set is a must-have for any professional wrestling fan. This collection is something a fan could watch for years to come and show it to their children.

If you’re a fan of The Undertaker, buying “The Streak” can save you hundreds of dollars and precious time. You may already own most of the Wrestlemania DVDs, but to watch The Undertaker’s matches, you will not have to locate them and find his match. You will now have every match at your fingertips. If you’re only an The Undertaker fan, you will not have to buy a few of the Wrestlemania DVDs that you wouldn’t normally own (although I recommend buying the WWE’s Wrestlemania box-set).

“The Streak” also has a 38-minute documentary about The Deadman’s streak. You hear the story lines leading up to each match and inside information from wrestlers who fought in them. This is an important part of the collection, since some people may not be versed in the history behind every single match during in the streak.

“The Streak” is a visual anthology of some of the best wrestling that has taken place in the last twenty years. I recommend dishing out the $30 bucks for this collection. If not, tell your mom or girlfriend to buy it for your next birthday. You will have hours of entertainment that you can watch over and over again.

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