YouTube Gold: "Botchamania"

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, bloopers and/or 8-bit music, you’ll love the “Botchamania” series on YouTube. There are over 200 episodes so far and they keep getting better. You’ll have to watch a few to understand all of the inside jokes that run during each episode, but you will catch on.

The biggest running joke in ‘Botchamania’ is the non-stop jokes made at the expense of a wrestling promotion called CZW. They run a blooper reel from the promotion during every episode. The CZW section is usually filled with a lot of ‘JESUS!’ screams. Other running jokes include Jim Cornette’s poor decisions, Taz and Booker T’s insane commentary, and wrestlers whispering to each other in the ring.

Here are a few episodes to whet your appetite…after the jump.


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