Mark Cuban Destroys Skip Bayless on ‘First Take’ (Video)

I have made my fair share of “Skip Bayless is a Douche” posts on this site. I even posted 10 videos of him being a douche bag earlier this month…hell, I even compared him to Glenn Beck.

ESPN’s “First Take” is usually broadcast out of a studio in Bristol, Connecticut, but the show traveled to Miami for the NBA Finals. So it was easy to get Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as a guest on the show.

“First Take” is usually a decibel battle between Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. I hear they play the show to torture inmates at Guantanamo Bay, but that is beside the point.

Cuban absolutely destroys Bayless for making blanket statements and speaking in generalities when he bashes players. The video is amazing and quite possibly my favorite video of someone calling out Skip Bayless.

The video is after the jump…

Let me know if this video gets taken down…I’m sure ESPN will do that very soon.


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