I’m Sorry, Ohio…Lebron Gets His First Ring

I really hate posting this picture because Ohio is my second home. I have no idea how the citizens of Ohio are rioting due to Lebron James winning his first NBA championship. I’m fairly certain that there are no more Lebron jerseys to burn and no one will boycott Nike.

I just want to point out the look on David Stern‘s face in the background. He is not happy the Miami Heat won and he has to be worried that the NBA will suffer if all of the league’s talent is concentrated on only a handful of teams. This could be the beginning of the end for a few franchises that already have trouble with attendance.

This is the start of a new era in the NBA. The Miami Heat is an example of a team that X’s & O’s didn’t matter. They ran constant isolation plays and teams could start copycatting. The need for an offensive-minded coach could no longer be needed and Phil Jackson’s Triangle offense will be extinct like the dodo bird.

I hope the people of Northern Ohio keep their chins up today. You have one thing going for you, Lebron is going bald.

By: TwitterButtons.com

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