Google WTF: ‘Corky’

A friend and I have been sending each other Google search words that spawn really weird image results. I have quite a list and ‘corky‘ is a good keyword to start this series of posts.

Images from the television show ‘Life Goes On’ and the movie ‘Corky Romano’ fill most of the first ten pages of image results. You have to filter in-between those images to see the humorous and macabre.

I added a small sample of the pictures you would see if you search for ‘corky’ on Google. All of these photos are in the first ten pages of results…I didn’t have to search very hard for these.

The photos are after the jump…

I had to add this one…the doll is beyond creepy.
Why so serious?!
Please note the sweet rat tail.
What are the odds that this guy is an accountant?
If Richard Simmons and Carrot Top had a baby.
Once again, dolls creep me out.


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