10 Videos of Skip Bayless Being a ‘Douchebag’

Over the last three years, I have written three separate posts about Skip Bayless. I believe that he is the Glenn Beck of ESPN and I am proud to have went on a rant about it on this blog.

YouTube is full of Skip Bayless videos of him doing Skip Bayless things. He plays the role of devil’s advocate and makes empty opinions about polarizing athletes. He was once a very respected journalist, but he has turned into a ‘talking head’ on a television show where the loudest person wins the argument. When he shares the debate desk with Stephen A. Smith on “First Take”, I instantly change the channel and watch some “Party of Five” re-runs on Lifetime.

*We updated this post with new videos, please click on the link below*

10 Videos of Skip Bayless Bring a ‘Douchebag’

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