2012 NCAA Tourney – Who You Got?!

This team has the makings of an epic tournament. A lot of the seed from #3 to #10 are closer than in year’s past. A double-digit seed has a chance of advancing into the Sweet 16 or beyond. Everyone has their “favorite Cinderella team” and we would like to know which team is your dark horse to win the tournament? Is it a lower-seeded power conference team or one of the elite mid-major teams? Which power conference will disappoint?

Do you want to know which team is our super upset pick? We love Iona to win a couple games in the tournament this year. They barely squeaked in, but they have NBA-level talent on their team. They will have to win their “play-in game” to officially be a part of the field. They may not win the whole thing, but I like how they play together as a team.

As much as the Big Ten was praised this year, the teams lack greatness. There are a lot of good teams, but even Ohio State and Michigan State have over-looked some weaker opponents. I don’t see many teams in this conference advancing into the Sweet 16. I like the Big 12 & SEC teams in the tournament field. Kansas, Baylor, and Missouri could easily end up in the Final Four. Baylor needs to be consistent and get the most out of Perry Jones III.

Let us know about your brackets and why your bracket will win your 2012 NCAA Tournament pool.

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