Artist Of The Day – The Black Keys

In the past, I’ve done a “Song Of The Day” series, but I’m in a giving mood. In 2010, I did a “Song Of The Day post for “Tighten Up by The Black Keys. I just saw them in concert at the time and they blew my mind. Their latest album, “El Camino,” has been a fixture on my Spotify playlist since it came out in late 2011.

Living the last half-decade in Ohio, I’ve learned to love and support local music. The Black Keys are from Akron, Ohio and the state has embraced them. The citizens of Ohio can look at them and say, “They are one of us.” I hope it leads to more people trying to achieve their dreams.

I’ve got a triple stack of videos for you. All of these videos are off of “El Camino,” an album that every music fan should own. The first video is the official video for “Gold On The Ceiling.’ The video is amazing and captures what it’s like to see the band live and shows a glimpse of them recording the album. Secondly, I have audio of the track “Dead And Gone.” This track is such an emotionally raw track with a drumbeat to match. Lastly, I have the hilarious “Lonely Boy” video. I could watch the dancing guy in the video, all day.

For more videos, go to The Black Keys’ YouTube channel and subscribe.

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