Interview: Ken Dilger

I had a chance to speak with former Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight-end, Ken Dilger. We spoke about NFL Playoffs, what happened to the Colts this season, and who was a better high school quarterback, him or Jay Cutler. It was great to speak with him and he was in Peoria, Illinois doing some great work for a charity. See what he’s up to now and find out how you can contact him.

Me: I want to ask you about the Colts. I I want to asked you about the Colts. It was tough to see them struggle with injuries all season. What could they have done differently against the Jets in the playoffs?

Ken Dilger: When you have 19 or 20 guys on injured reserve and are missing Austin Collie & Dallas Clark, it’s hard. The Jets game was very conservative. They didn’t throw it down the field. They were nervous to make a mistake. They were out-hustled in the 2nd half.

Me: Did you question the late timeout?

Dilger: I did, anytime you have an offense trying to run down the clock and Sanchez doesn’t have experience and ability. You let the offense run the clock. Everybody should question that.

Me: When Clark comes back, do you think they can use Tamme & Clark in 2 TE sets, even though Tamme’s blocking ability isn’t great?

Dilger: No, I don’t think you will see that. you need one pass catching tight-end and Clark is better. I think you will see Brody Eldridge used more.

Me: The production that teams are getting from their tight-end position really spiked over the last few years. Look at what the Patriots did with two rookie tight-ends this year. What are your thoughts on the evolution of the position?

Dilger: It has been changing the last 15 years or so. The tight-end position became more of a pass catching threat. Guys like Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten, Antonio Gates, and Heath Miller have changed the position. Every team is trying to find that guy. If you have a big tight-end that can run, you have a big mismatch.

Me: Who was a better quarterback at Heritage High School, you or Jay Cutler?

Dilger: {laughs} I would say it was me.

Me: Do you think he would agree?

Dilger: No, he won a championship there.

Me: Why did you change to tight-end at Illinois?

Dilger: I was a big kid and didn’t have a weight program in high school. I gained 20 lbs that first semester and it was a natural progression to the position.

Me: Who do you have this week and who is your favorite to win in the Conference championships?

Dilger: You have two great matchups. Bears & Packers are hated division rivals. They know each other so well. It will come down to turnovers, which quarterback can managed the situation and atmopshere. The slight edge to the Packets because of Rodgers. The AFC, you have two hated teams with two great defenses. The Jets played well enough to win, but you go into Pittsburgh, Polamalu & Miller didn’t play last game. You have to give edge to Pittsburgh across the board. It’s a great match-up.

Me: Who would win between the Steelers and Packers in the Super Bowl?

Dilger: Steelers & Packers? Pittsburgh has more weapons on offense with Mendenhall and veteran wide-receivers.

Me: Are you saying Mendenhall because he went to Illinois?

Dilger: Of course, It doesn’t hurt!

Me: Do you ever wear your Super Bowl ring?

Dilger: I do! I wear it out for special events like this one.

Me: What are you up to these days?

Dilger: I live in Indianapolis. I run a mortgage company here.

Me: A lot of current and former athletes use social media to keep in touch with your fans. How do you keep in touch with the fans? Twitter or Facebook?

Dilger: I’m on Facebook 3500 fans on there, I get asked a lot of questions. My wife thinks it’s stupid.

Me: Tell me about why you’re in Peoria today

Dilger: I am with the Febreeze TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE campaign. A family in Peoria was one of the finalists and put a photo and video of them in their basement in all their Colts gear. She didn’t win, but we have a big presentation to give $10,000 to St. Jude Hospital in her name.

Me: Thanks for taking time to talk with me today. Good luck with with everything and it sounds like a great charity.

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