The Post Where I Predict Super Bowl Things

Super Bowl XLIV or Super Bowl 44 for those who hate Roman numerals, is set to take place this Sunday. The Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints have both went through the hype machine, survived media day, was able to fight through all the taping of the video montages sure to take place during the 15-hour pregame. The table is set and they are ready to eat. I’m here to predict some prop bets that you can wager, if that’s your cup of tea.

First, let’s explain something first, I can’t say that I am unbiased when it comes to this Super Bowl. As I am writing this, I am wearing an Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt that I picked up the last time I was in my homeland of Indiana. I can look past it while picking these Super Bowl Prop Bets, but let’s start out with predicting the score.

Colts 31 – Saints 21 – As I am writing this, most sportsbooks have the Super Bowl Odds somewhere around 5 points, so you should take the Colts.

Now for the more odd props that you could wager on this Super Bowl.

Heads vs. Tails – I’m more of a Heads man myself, so I’ll pick that.

Coin Toss – The Colts have been pretty luck this year, so I’ll say that they will win the coin toss

Team To Receive Opening Kickoff – The Colts will win the coin toss and I think that they will defer to the second half, the Saints will get the ball first.

Team To Commit The 1st Penalty – The Saints are favored (-140) and I think that’s the smartest bet

Team To Score Last In 1st Half – The Colts are favored (-140) and Peyton Manning loves those last minute 1st half drives

Will There Be A Safety – The sure bet would be No, but at (-1400) odds, you could probably put a few bucks on Yes at (+800) to hedge a few bets.

Will The Team That Scores First Win The Game – Yes is at (-195) and No is at (+155), I actually like NO here.

Total Interceptions Thrown By Both Teams – I like the Under 2.5, which is currently (-200)

First Turnover Of THe Game, Interception vs. Fumble – I like Interception here at (-170), Adrian Peterson isn’t playing in this game

Total Number Of Colts Players To Score (Including Kickers) – It’s currently at +/- 3.5, I like the Over on this one, a lot.

Longest Touchdown Of The Game +/- 49.5 – I like the over on this one, it’s at (-115), I feel that someone will bust at least one big play.

Over/Under Jersey Number Of Player To Score First TD +/- 25.5 – I LOVE the over on this, more of the receivers have a number higher than 26, expect Marques Colston

I’ll write another post about more individual prop bets during the Super Bowl

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