Seantrel Henderson Is A Beast

Seantrel Henderson was the last big name to announce where he was going on National Signing Day for college football. I live in Columbus, OH and I’ve been hearing about this guy for a few weeks now and all of the local radio hosts were salivating at the chance that he’d be a Buckeye. Well, Henderson threw everyone a curveball tonight and he picked USC.

Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, Minnesota, and Florida were all in the hunt for the 6’8, 300-pound Offensive Lineman. He’s a senior at Cretin-Derham Hall High School in St. Paul, Minnesota. It appeared that the University of Michigan was the early favorite, but he changed his mind more times than you can count on both hands. No one had any idea what college he was going to pick leading up to tonight’s live broadcast on CBS College Sports Channel. He is going to be the left-tackle at USC, protecting QB Matt Barkley’s blindside for the next few years. I doubt he will redshirt since he already has a professional body and appears to have nice technique. Lane Kiffin has proven that he is a great recruiter, let’s see if he can coach all this talent and win championships. Here is the video of Henderson picking USC and another video which is Henderson’s junior year highlight reel.

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