Greg Oden Out For Season

Greg Oden, the former #1 overall pick, will miss another season to injury. He collided knees with Aaron Brooks while driving to the basket. He suffered a broken kneecap on his left knee, which will end his season. Is Oden injury-prone or was this a freak injury? It’s hard to say, but I try to explain in the following article.

The world was Greg Oden’s just two seasons ago when he was the #1 overall pick of the Trailblazers and he was coming off a season where he lead Ohio State to the NCAA Championship game. A lot was going for him, but then he had to miss his first season in the league due to micro-fracture surgery on his right knee. If you add his wrist injury that plagued him during his only season in college, people think Oden might be fragile like Samuel L. Jackson in “Unbreakable.”

I agree with the consensus for the most part, the list is very long of guys who are near 7 feet tall that play basketball. These kinds of injuries are a work-related hazard for anyone playing in the NBA, no matter the size. If a guy as speedy as Aaron Brooks slashes towards you and your kneecap is in the way, I would say that it’s a 99% chance that your kneecap is going to break. Even if he didn’t have the previous injuries, this was a freak accident.

The long-term prognosis for players coming back from this injury should be good. As long as the kneecap didn’t shatter and do any damage to the ligaments and tendons in the knee. Oden should be back next season, but how much longer can Portland wait for all of their weapons to be on the court at the same time? Travis Outlaw is due to be out awhile with a foot injury and even their coach, Nate McMillan ruptured his Achilles tendon in practice. Portland is getting hit with freak injuries, if I am a player on the Trailblazers, I would watch my step.

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