Notre Dame Should Go To A Bowl Game

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish decided to forgo a bowl game this season. They finished 6-6 and would have gone to a decent bowl game, since they are Notre Dame. I don’t see why they would pass up the chance to recoup some of the money that they paid Charlie Weis to get out of town. I know that the Fighting Irish don’t look like they have much fight in them, but they made a big mistake by passing up their bowl game.

Remember Notre Dame’s bowl game last year? They beat Hawaii 49-21, which was one of the biggest highlights of a dim season. If it wasn’t for that game, many people wouldn’t have been so high on the Irish this season. It looks like a few of the players are going to forgo their senior year and head to the NFL, wouldn’t it be good for them to have one last showcase before the combines? I just don’t get the reasoning behind this decision.

Notre Dame said that they spoke to their assistant coaches and team leaders to make their decision. I understand that the players were behind Charlie Weis and didn’t want to see him go. This could be one last moment of standing up for their coach. I can understand that, but as the University, in these economic times, I don’t care if you are Notre Dame, you need the money. South Bend, Indiana isn’t exactly Manhattan, they are hit just as bad as any other place in the Midwest. You should have taken the money, even if it meant that you stand the chance of finishing the season under .500.

I don’t see the reasoning behind this decision and I probably never will, but hey I wouldn’t have been accepted to Notre Dame, even if I could afford it.

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