Cleveland Had A "Steamer" Of A Day

All three major sports teams from Cleveland, OH made the news today. The Indians made changes in their management, the Browns made changes of leadership, and a certain player on the Cavaliers may need a change of scenery. It’s been a long day in Cleveland, but I have some good news for the people in the area.

Let’s start with the news about the Cleveland Indians. They finally fired, Fort Wayne native, Eric Wedge, after the last two disappointing seasons. It was only two seasons ago that the Indians were one win away from the World Series, but C.C. Sabathia, Fausto Carmona, or Jake Westbrook couldn’t seal the deal and the Red Sox won the ALCS in seven games. Even during that season, the Indians got off to a horrible start, but was unable to sneak into the playoffs because of an incredible second-half. They have been known as a second-half team under Wedge, but the last two seasons they have looked bad. It didn’t help that they traded away Sabathia, Casey Blake, Mark DeRosa, Cliff Lee, and Victor Martinez over the last 15 months. GM Mark Shapiro could be next if the next manager can’t win in a hurry. The Indians just don’t have the personnel to win right now, especially after some of those trades that they made trading away their stars. Usually teams load up on prospects, but the teams are trying to stash away their prospects in order to protect their future, so they got 40 cents on the dollar in return. I could be a rough couple seasons in Cleveland.

The Browns are already having a rough season and they have only played three games. The entire offense has looked horrible under new head coach Eric Mangini. He spent the entire off-season and pre-season trying to decide who was going to be his starting quarterback. Brady Quinn won the job, even if it was because no one really stepped up to take the job. He has not look very good so far this season, he has only one passing touchdown. He was pulled in the middle of the game last weekend for Derek Anderson. Anderson didn’t take his time and his pass was picked off. He ended up throwing another interception later in the game and he looked worse than Quinn. Mangini named Anderson as his starting quarterback this weekend and the immediate future. I don’t think this was the move that needed to be made, but what can a guy do that looks like he could be fired after only three games. This is a move of desperation and I doubt it will pay off. The Browns are bad and this move made them even worse.

Finally, this is the most bizarre story of them all. Earlier this month, Cleveland Cavaliers guard, Delonte West, was pulled over riding a three-wheeled motorcycle. After he was pulled over, he told the police officer that had had a gun on him, after a search, he had more than one gun. He had a gun in his waistband, one in his leg, and some guns in a guitar case. Yes, just like Antonio Banderas, “El Mariachi” style, that is insane! He already has had a history of mental illness and he said that he feared for his safety. Well, to make matters worse, he didn’t show up to training camp. Little is known about the reasoning behind why he has been absent, but Lebron James came out today that he is still welcome on the team. I don’t know man, sounds like this guy could be a mix between J.R. Rider and Ron Artest. The Cavs have a nice team lined up, but West is a nice post-up player, without him, they could be hurting.

Okay, the reason why Cleveland can rejoice is because there is a blogger convention called, Sports Media 360 during the weekend of October 23-25th being held at Progressive Field. I’ll be there and so will many of the best in the Midwest and beyond. Tickets are reasonable and if you’re a blogger, get your ticket and experience an amazing conference and meet your fellow bloggers.

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