I Have Jinxed Tottenham Hotspur FC!

Two weeks ago, I decided that I needed to choose a Barclay’s Premiership League team to root for if I am ever going to go all-in as a fan of soccer. I went through a long process in my thought process in which I picked a team. Am I a jinx to the Spurs or was this just bad timing?

The first game in which I was a Tottenham fan, they played Manchester United. The Spurs came out and scored the first goal, I was joyous and running around the room like a liquored European. It didn’t take long for Man U. to take over and they scored three unanswered goals and won the game 3-1. Wayne Rooney probably should have had two more goals, but he must have been too distracted by his WAG in the crowd. I was thinking that maybe it was a bad time to choose Tottenham to support, especially since they have a rough stretch in their schedule.

I found out that they were playing Chelsea this past weekend and I wasn’t excited at all. I have been studying teams and everything that I have read has said that Chelsea could be the best club in the entire league. It didn’t take me long to realize that everything on the internet was correct, since Tottenham barely showed up the play. Chelsea won 3-0 and controlled the entire match, I was embarassed, but I probably shouldn’t have been, they are a great club.

I started to think to myself that maybe I could be a jinx to the team. I have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs, Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Colts, and Columbus Blue Jackets for years and combined, I have one championship as a fan. If you add in my Notre Dame fanhood, in my lifetime, add one to my total. The Colts won a Super Bowl, but after many, many thin years pre-Manning. Tottenham faces Preston North End on Wednesday, but their next Premier League game is against Burnley. If they lose against Burnley, I’m sorry Spurs fans, I could be a jinx.

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