Man Dumps 10-Gallons Of Yogurt On Himself To Join ESPN Fantasy Football League

A young man by the name of Blake Hall wanted to get into ESPN’s “Fantasy Focus” league really bad. The podcast puts together a 20-team league each year and receives hundreds of submissions from people trying to get in. This year’s contests included “What would your wrestler entrance music be?” type of questions, but one man said that he would dump 10-gallons of yogurt on himself for an entry. Check out the video of the yogurt avalanche.

I think the best part about the video is that they don’t even catch the first try. The camera man didn’t record it, so they have to re-shoot it again. I hope those guys let him in, I’m guessing that they do. Matthew Berry, Nate Ravitz, and Pod Vader have a fondness for yogurt.

Hey guys, that the poor man in the Man’s League!
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