Do The Saints Want Derrick Brooks?

I play on Twitter all the time and I message Warren Sapp
(@QBKilla) often. He is quite active and he likes to message people during the day. He was a teammate of Derrick Brooks for many years in Tampa Bay and I know that they are still close. He is still a free-agent and I don’t understand, he has been a great player. I asked Sapp what team would Brooks fit best with and he answered. Sapp said. “Saints! He Wants To Go There. They Playing Around. Quite Me On That!” Well, I guess I am quoting him on that.

The Saints brought Brooks in for a workout, but did not offer him a contract. He has been petitioning himself for an NFL job and thinks the Saints would be a great fit, but do the Saints want him? My feeling is that the Saints are not interested in him right now. A torn ACL or any other injury to their linebacking corps could change their mind.

Let’s look at the Saints linebackers. Scott Fujita is Sean Payton’s pet project from when he was with Dallas. He isn’t going to lose his spot to a veteran looking stay in the NFL. Jonathan Vilma isn’t going anywhere either, he’s a talented player and they need him on the field. Scott Shanle is the weak-side linebacker and really held his own last season at the position. Brooks would probably be best fit for the weak-side position, but it really looks like an injury of a starter or a key reserve would only lead to the signing of Derrick Brooks.

I think Brooks can still play, he may have lost a step last year, but you can’t overlook his experience. If I were the Cincinnati Bengals, I would sign him. He could help on the field and mentor Keith Rivers and Rey Maualuga. It’s a long shot and I doubt Brooks would want to play for a non-contender, but the Bengals should look into it. I hope he can catch on to a team, but if not, he should be in Canton, OH in sometime in the near future.
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